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Hello Berlin! Stromma's new destination


Stromma sightseeing buses and boats

We at Stromma are beyond excited to bring our unique brand of hop-on hop-off sightseeing tours to Berlin! With now 15 destinations across six European countries, we are very happy to come to the German capital and to help visitors discover all the must-see attractions, sights, and sounds the city has to offer in the most flexible and comfortable way possible.

And we certainly are extremely proud to offer a premium sightseeing experience that combines all that we have learned over the last decades with several completely new and never-before-seen products!

2 especially designed bus routes in Berlin

To begin with, we have come up with two especially designed routes for our hop-on hop-off sightseeing buses that will take you to Berlin’s world-famous sights and attractions that are a must-see on every trip to the city. We are looking forward to taking you to such iconic sights as the Brandenburg Gate, the Tiergarten, Checkpoint Charlie, and the East Side Gallery. And of course, you may get on and off our buses as much as you like to freely explore the city and experience Berlin’s vibrant atmosphere.

The most flexible sightseeing tours in Berlin

To deliver the most flexible and comfortable experience, we have even combined our bus and boat tickets into one! Use all our buses and boats as much as you want to explore Berlin and all its incredible sights – flexible, time-saving, and, above all, exactly the way you want to!

Green tourism

And we are particularly proud to do our part to contribute to a sustainable and environmentally friendly tourism industry. Our sightseeing buses already fulfil the newest Euro 6 emissions standards. On top of that, Stromma has a long history of working in close cooperation with the WWF: we support initiatives to protect and revitalize the Baltic Sea, we use sea bins to clear the water from plastic pollution, we help protect the endangered porpoise, and support several more initiatives.

We are truly excited to get started in Berlin and hope to meet you all soon on one of our many tours!

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