Learn 5 traditions that are part of a traditional New Year's Eve in Berlin

New Year´s Eve in Berlin

Learn about the activities that take place in Berlin to receive the New Year 

The German capital offers an extraordinary mix of tradition and youthful wilderness, where you can e.g. find nightclubs open 24/7 and the biggest party mile. 

In Berlin, you get one of the best party experiences 

With its hundreds of bars, nightclubs, and popular theater stages, the city has earned a reputation as the “party city” far beyond its national borders. The biggest of all celebrations takes place on December 31st every year because you can welcome the New Year in Berlin at thousands of private and public events. Over the past ten years, the capital has welcomed an average of around 1.3 million guests who flock to the city over New Year's Eve to celebrate the New Year. In addition to the international audience, almost 75% of New Year's tourists is German and often here to celebrate with friends and relatives the so called Silvester, which is how Germans name the New Year´s Eve events. 

You should visit the annual festival at Brandenburg Gate, the biggest public party. 

Year after year, almost a million spectators crowd the area between the Brandenburg Gate and the Victory Column to join National and international stars as they provide musical entertainment on gigantic stages. Stars like Peter Maffay, Stanfour, Eagly Eye Cherry, Bonnie Tyler or the Russian State Ballet Moscow are just few of the many prominent entertainers who have created the atmosphere here over the past 10 years. At the same time, night clubs and bars offer you buffets and champagne receptions in their locations. An amazingly large proportion of the population also prefers to toast the New Year at private house parties. 

Have fun watching the annual Birthday Dinner 

A widespread New Year's Eve tradition is to watch the film "Dinner for one" on December 31st, which you should definitely watch. Lady Sophie celebrates her 90th birthday in this 1963 British comedy. Since she has already outlived all of her friends, her butler James takes turns in the roles of the deceased to entertain Lady Sophie. The piece, which is actually completely unknown in Great Britain, is part of the New Year's Eve program in hundreds of thousands of German households. 

Try two more traditional New Year's Eve classics: the fondue and the New Year's Eve boule. 

A classic Silverster´s boule consists of: white wine, sparkling wine, rum or vodka and is often complemented with fruits soaked in schnapps for days. The fondue is an originally Swiss invention in which small pieces of meat, bread and vegetables are dipped in a mixture of hard cheese, wine, kirsch and spices that is kept liquid by heat and then eaten. 

Have a colourful New Year with fireworks  

If you are in the party mile at the Brandenburg Gate, you can see the largest fireworks in the city with friends and family members. The lights can be seen from almost anywhere in Berlin. 

In addition, most of them go out punctually at midnight in front of the door, in the garden or on the balcony to ignite rockets and other fireworks and shoot them into the night sky. In most places in Berlin, fireworks are also allowed to be set off by private individuals and the sale and purchase usually begins 5 working days before New Year's Eve. 

Although New Year's Eve will be celebrated at the Brandenburg Gate without a spectators this year, ZDF will broadcast the New Year's Eve show "Willkommen 2021" from 9:45 p.m. with celebrities such as Álvaro Soler and Jürgen Drews. 

Due to the development of Covid-19, the fan mile has been canceled and fireworks and gatherings are prohibited. 

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