Stromma Berlin AR app - Virtual Sightseeing

Stromma Berlin AR app - Virtual Sightseeing

Add a whole new dimension to your Berlin sightseeing

Discover Berlin with the brand new virtual sightseeing app Stromma Berlin AR! See modern landmark buildings in their original, historic state, get interieur shots of famous sight you're passing by, learn the names of attractions, and much more - all in real time!

Berlin has so much more to offer than meets the eye. This can be tremendously exciting, as the German capital is bursting with famous sights, landmarks, and attractions just waiting to be discovered. Coming here, you’ll find that the city as you see it now is built on layers and layers of history, and the decades and centuries have changed the surroundings time and again. Whatever you see here, there’s a good chance that this is not what it looked like in the beginning. Or perhaps it even served an entirely different purpose.

However, especially if you’re visiting us for the first time, this may feel a bit daunting. Getting to know the city aboard a Hop On – Hop Off bus is of course a great way of getting acquainted with Berlin. But how are you supposed to know what gems are hidden away inside this museum or what exactly the name of that impressive-looking cathedral is?

This is why we have developed the Stromma Berlin AR app, our new mixed reality app that adds an exciting, new virtual dimension to your sightseeing tours. Instead of constantly having to check Wikipedia or busting out the trusty travel guide, this app shows you the names of famous places and landmark buildings, current and historic images of the city’s various neighborhoods, and aerial shots and interior views of various sights and attractions right on your phone – in real time, while you travel past them!

Download the app

To get access to the app, simply follow this link or find it on the Apple App Store or Google Play Store, and enjoy this exciting new way of sightseeing in the fourth dimension!

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