Stromma's first customer in Berlin

Stromma's first customer in Berlin

An ode to you

Throughout history, most heroes go unsung. But not this one! After the launch of our sightseeing operations in the German capital of Berlin on April 2, 2019 in an obvious ploy to dodge any April’s Fool confusion, we are very happy to welcome our very first customer and to proudly introduce him or her to the world. So, here it is: Our dearly felt ode to our very first guest and the No Longer Unknown Tourist!

Although we have never met in person, this order is spilling so much piping hot tea about our new friend we might as well have.

First of all: great choice! A 24-hours ticket to our Hop On – Hop Off sightseeing bus is the perfect way to get to know Berlin in all its glory. Living the tourist dream by getting on and off as much as you like to discover the city and its atmosphere just how you like it? Yes, please! We can’t help but applaud your taste level!

Secondly: based on the price, we can tell that it’s a ticket for an adult and a child (or teenager; that’s a sensitive topic at this age, if we recall our own younger days). Sightseeing is obviously great, but it’s even better with good company. So, again: excellent choice and one that’s pretty much guaranteed to make your day in Berlin even brighter.

And finally, as we’re very good with statistics, we know that the order was placed on April 2, the day of our online opening. Above all: there’s an obvious competitive streak coupled with the desire to not waste any time on display, and we applaud the burning drive to get your order in on the very first day of our operations in Berlin.

So again, we would very much like to welcome our very first customer in Berliner and hope to meet many more of you; perhaps even in another one of our 15 destinations of the most beautiful cities in Northern Europe.