Opening of the Humboldt Forum in Berlin

The Humboldt Forum

Learn about the new museum to plan your next visit to Berlin  

On your next trip to Berlin in 2021, one of the most exciting things you can experience is the newly built Humboldt Forum. Admire not only the facade, which is similar to the former Berlin Palace, but also the various exhibitions.  

We have summarized an insight into the building and the opening for you.  

The name honors the Humboldt brothers  

The museum got its name from Alexander and Wilhelm von Humboldt, the brothers born in Berlin and Potsdam who are considered to be the most influential figures in Germany's cultural history. 

Deepen your knowledge of the building  

You can find the museum in the newly built replica of the Royal Palace in front of the Lustgarten, also known as the Berlin Palace. If you get off at our stop 4 of line 1 of our Hop On Hop Off city tour and cross the street, you can't actually miss it. The former Hohenzollern residence originally stood here from the 15th century until its demolition in the 1950s after the building was severely damaged after an air raid and a fire.  

The Palace of the Republic with its glass façades was built on the site, which was popularly known as “Erich's lamp shop” due to its impressive lighting. In addition to cultural events and restaurants, it also housed the Volkskammer (the people´s chamber), the parliament of the GDR. Since asbestos was used as fire protection, the building was closed in 1990 and later demolished.  

In 2013, construction began on the Humboldt Forum, where the façade was supposed to be reminiscent of the former Berlin Palace, while the interior was designed in a very modern way.  

Berliner Schloss 2.jpg

The exhibitions offer something for every family member  

Various exhibitions are presented in the museum such as In the exhibition “Impressions” you can find out everything about the siblings Alexander and Wilhelm von Humboldt and their scientific and cultural heirs.  

A more movement-oriented exhibition for you and children of all ages is “Have a seat!”, in which you learn when, why and how you should sit down in different cultures. 
The exhibits in the “Berlin Global” exhibition will take you on a journey through time to experience the worldwide influence of the events that happened in Berlin while the exposition “After Nature” shows you the connection between climate change and extinction of species.

You can attend the opening despite Covid-19. 

It was originally planned that the Humboldt Forum would open to the public on December 17, 2020. Due to the development of Covid-19, a digital opening will take place on December 16, 2020 at 7 p.m. instead. This digital event guides you virtually through Berlin's new museum and is available on the website. 
There will be a new opening date for visitors in spring 2021, and admission to the Humboldt Forum is free, only visits to individual exhibitions and guided tours may subject to a fee.

Humboldt Forum.jpg

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