WWF - Save the Baltic Sea

WWF and Stromma is fighting to save the Baltic Sea

Stromma collaborates with WWF (World Wide Fund for nature) to protect the Baltic Sea against oil spills and toxic waste, over-fishing and irresponsible maritime activities. This is done through the Save the Baltic Seas project.

Seabins collect trash from the canals

In 2019 Stromma and WWF together with City&Port installed two Seabins in Nyhavn, Copenhagen.

The two Seabins will help keep the water in the canals and harbor clean by collecting waste and litter floating in the surface. By collecting the litter at the source, we prevent it from ending up in the Baltic Sea or maybe even the big oceans that already suffers from plastic pollution.

If you want to know more about how the Seabins work, read our blog here.


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Foto credit: Martin Nilsen, WWF