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Amsterdam Airbnb rules and alternatives


What are the current rules regarding Airbnb in Amsterdam? Where are you allowed to stay and where are you asked to stay away? And are there any good alternatives for the Airbnb ban in the city center? We have sorted all this out so that you can enjoy Amsterdam responsibly!

It is clear that the city has become busier in recent years. Amsterdam has therefore been trying to spread tourists across the region, so the city remains liveable for the residents and can also be visited by guests in the long terms.

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The Airbnb rules as of July 1, 2020

For the entire city, the landlord must report when his or her home has been rented out and may do so for a maximum of 30 days per year. Now, it’s also prohibited to rent out your home via Airbnb (or other similar websites) if you live in the Red Light District and the canal belt – basically, the historical city center.

This is a pity for who’s visiting the city, because the RLD and canal belt are delightful and characteristic neighborhoods in Amsterdam. In the long term, however, it can ensure that it remains breathtaking without losing its typical Amsterdam charm and that future generations can also enjoy the city.

What does this mean for you?

Due to the above rules, not much will change for guests of the city. You just can't sleep in the areas mentioned above. Fortunately, there are plenty of alternatives! More about this later on.

You can, of course, still visit the old city center! There are plenty of sights that you can see near Amsterdam Central Station (from a canal cruise, for instance!), nice restaurants to eat and cool shops to visit.

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Why are there new rules for Airbnb in Amsterdam?

Especially the old city center - which historically and culturally has a lot to offer tourists and day trippers - is very popular. According to the residents of this area and the municipality it is even a bit too popular.

Many homes are rented out as a place to sleep for tourists and this causes nuisance in some cases. Holiday letting also contributes to the shortage of housing. The municipality has therefore decided that holiday rentals will be restricted.

Responsible tourism

Should other neighborhoods also become unlivable due to tourism, the rental rules can also be restricted there. It is therefore important that you, as a guest of the city, handle your stay responsibly.

For example, do not cause disturbances by making a lot of noise or from excessive alcohol consumption, throw away your waste in the bins, do not go out on the street with large groups at the same time (to make sure that everyone can keep the correct distance!), etc.

Alternatives for the center of Amsterdam

If you would still like to go into the city center of Amsterdam to see sights and the canal belt, consider a canal cruise! That way you neatly sit on a boat and you know for sure that you keep enough distance from each other. A very relaxing way to discover the city.

If you take an open boat and the sun shines, it feels like you won the lottery! The captain - who’s also your guide - tells vividly about the interesting history of the city. A nice bonus: the moment when the sunbeams and fresh air hit your face!

Spend the night outside the Red Light District and the canal belt

Actually, all city districts of Amsterdam are nice to stay in. Every direction has something different to offer.

- In South, for example, you are close to the Museum Quarter (here you can also take a cruise and rent pedal boats) and the pleasant area of ​​De Pijp.

- In West, for example, you have the Westerpark with many nice restaurants and the De Clerqstraat and Kinkerstraat as nice shopping streets.

- In the East you will find the zoo (Artis), Botanical gardens (Hortus Botanicus) and on the Javastraat you can fill your belly with all sorts of good food.

- Noord is slightly more alternative and has a very nice selfie museum (Wondr Experience, a city beach near Pllek and the largest flea market in the Netherlands (the IJhallen).

We have written blog posts about, among others, Amsterdam-South and Amsterdam-East. We will of course also shine our lights on the other districts soon!

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Sights outside of Amsterdam

A while back, we wrote this blogpost about all that there is still to discover outside our capital! So include this in your staycation plans.

We keep this blog post as current as possible to make sure you’re always aware of the rules for Airbnb in Amsterdam.

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