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For all Lovers of Light and Art!


From the 29th of November to the 20th of January 2019 our capitol will be magically transformed to the décor for 29 light sculptures you can experience around and from our celebrated canals. If that’s no reason to go outside and enjoy the winter, we don’t know what is.

The Medium Is The Message

This years theme of the Amsterdam Light Festival is The Medium Is The Message, inspired by the Canadian media scientist Marshall McLuhan. All the artists interpreted the theme in a different way, showing you some bold messages as well as subtle interpretations. You’ll read messages about nuclear waste, are going to be dazzled by a sustainable version of Van Goghs Starry Night and be creeped out by a giant spider.

We, as Stromma and Canal Tours Amsterdam and as the founding partner of the Amsterdam Light Festival, have adopted one of the light art installations: Desire by the Taiwanese UxU. We figured gigantic red lips and a heartbeat is the best way to express our endless love for the city of Amsterdam once more.

Experience Amsterdam Light Festival

There are two ways to enjoy the festival: by foot and on the water. Do you remember the blanket and hot beverage we mentioned earlier? You can enjoy those comforts on our canal tours. We offer two different boat transports during the Amsterdam Light Festival. Choose between a classic canal cruise or an open boat to sail a special Amsterdam Light Festival route so you can take a look at the dazzling light sculptures.

Did you know there’s a combination ticket for the Amsterdam Light Festival and the A’DAM LOOKOUT? With this ticket it’s extra advantageous to visit the A’DAM LOOKOUT and to be picked up at the foot of this tower in Amsterdam Noord and enjoy the festival.

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