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Windmills in Amsterdam

Windmills in Amsterdam

When referring to the Netherlands, we usually hear four things: cheese, clogs, tulips and windmills! You’re able to find eight wind mills in Amsterdam. Some of them still run and are open to the public, so you can check them out from the inside. We’ve selected our favorites in every direction of the city of Amsterdam.

Windmill brewery Amsterdam

We hate to break it to you, but unlike what the label of Brouwerij ‘t IJ (Brewery the IJ) suggests, the beers aren’t made in De Gooyer.  This doesn’t take away the fact that it’s super relaxing (and not to forget: tasty!) to have one of their home brewed craft beer underneath the windmill on the sunlit terrace – so please do! Especially on those early spring days or on simmering summer days their patio is filled with a delightful mix of locals and travelers who enjoy a cold beer or two.

Address: Zeeburgerpad 55, Amsterdam Oost

 Hop on - Hop off bus stop: E


In the neighborhood Buitenveldert in the South of Amsterdam you can find the Rieker mill (Riekermolen). This mill used to pump water from a lower to a higher level. Nowadays you can admire the mill at work from 12:00 to 17:00 in the summer weekends.

If you’re interested in Rembrandt, you should check this mill out. Because Rembrandt van Rijn spent a lot of days painting this mill, they’ve put up a statue of the world famous painter. Just stand before the sculpture and pretend you’re Rembrandt for a while. You might get inspired for greatness and paint a famous mill yourself!

Address: De Borcht 10, Amsterdam South


Molen van Sloten

This mill also pumps water to the desired level and it’s the only windmill that’s open to the public on a daily basis! So you can visit this windmill on any day you like between 10:00 and 16:30. You’ll find an audiovisual presentation about Rembrandt’s life at the attic of this mill. Because the owners of the windmill want everyone to enjoy this classic building, they’ve made it easy accessible for the elderly and physically challenged too.

Why don’t you walk around the area to figure out what the best spot for a picture of this windmill is? You might catch a houseboat our two in your frame as well! It doesn’t get more Dutch than this.

Address: Akersluis 10, Amsterdam West



Sometimes you just want to get out of the city and see some nature. We totally get it. That’s why chalk mill d’Admiraal (krijtmolen d’Admiraal) is on our list. When you cycle from the city center to Twiske – a lovely nature and recreation area just outside the north side of Amsterdam – you’re likely to pass this windmill. Get off your bike and take a break at the petting zoo right next to the mill.

You can visit the inside of the wind mill every second Saturday of the month between 10:00 and 15:00.

Address: Noordhollandschkanaaldijk 21, Amsterdam North

Amsterdam Windmill tour

All the windmills mentioned above (and more) can be visited on your own. Not all the mills are accessible, tho. But you don’t have to go inside for a quick snapshot of course. If you want to see more windmills, like the ones at the Zaanse Schans (Windmill Village) just outside of Amsterdam, your best bet to see them all is to book a bus tour. You can choose between tours that visit solely the windmill village, but combination tours are also recommended. You won’t just gaze at the mills, but you can also visit Keukenhof (the largest flower park in Europe), Volendam or Edam. All of them are beautiful typical Dutch attractions.


Windmills near Amsterdam

There are a lot of windmills to be found outside of Amsterdam, as well. Especially in the area south west of Amsterdam. The Zaanse Schans, also known as the Windmill Village, for instance is a neighborhood in Zaanstad. A lot of mills are clustered in one small area with the classic Dutch scenery of green fields and streams of water. That’s exactly what makes it so pleasant to visit the Zaanse Schans.

But there are even more windmills! You can also see some near and in Haarlem, for instance. If you want to see them all, you should consicer traveling the entire Netherlands.



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