Hop On – Hop Off Baltic & Nordic

Get your 4th bus tour for free

Get your 4th Hop On – Hop Off bus tour for free!
Are you going to visit many cities in the Baltic and Nordic countries? Save your tickets from 3 tours in different cities and in the 4th city you get a Hop On – Hop Off bus tour for free.

How does it work?
It’s easy, for example: You take one Hop On – Hop Off bus tour in Oslo, one in Stockholm and one in Copenhagen, after that you visit Helsinki. In Helsinki you give the 3 tickets to the Hop On – Hop Off staff and you will get the Helsinki Hop On – Hop Off bus tour for free.

Please notice
This is an exclusive offer for bus tours with Hop On – Hop Off and can not be combined with other tours. It is valid for tickets purchased and used in 2018 in the cities included.

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