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6 top Instagram moments along the Göta Canal


Best photo moments on the Göta Canal cruise

If you go on a cruise on the Göta Canal – Sweden’s famously beautiful canal connecting Gothenburg and Stockholm, the country’s two largest cities – with the Rederi AB Göta Kanal, you’re guaranteed to come across some truly unforgettable sights: the unique splendor of Sweden’s nature, fascinating historical sights, and picturesque castles are only some of them. To help you pick the top spots for the best vacation pictures, here are the 6 perfect Instagram moments you shouldn’t miss!
A cruise on the Göta Canal means making memories for life! And with the camera ready at the right moment, you can even share them with friends and family.

The locks at Berg

In this spectacular lock system, our boat passes through a total of 15 locks and travels 40 meters in altitude. Get off the boat to see how it travels down the 7 enormous steps of the Carl Johan locks; a spectacular view that begs to be photographed! You’ll travel through these locks on all of our cruises: the Grand Sweden Cruise, the Classic Canal Cruise, the Göta Canal Highlights Cruise, and the Mini Canal Cruise.

Göta Hotell

With its impressive red timber frame and delicate decoration along its façade, the stately Göta Hotell, rising high over the roofs of the small town of Borensberg, ranks among the most photographed sights along the Göta Canal. Make sure that you don’t miss the moment when it comes into view; you followers will thank you! This attraction is passed by all our cruises, meaning the Grand Sweden Cruise, the Classic Canal Cruise, the Göta Canal Highlights Cruise, and the Mini Canal Cruise.

Läckö Castle

This enchanted castle with a history reaching back to the 13th century lies on a narrow tongue of land reaching into Lake Vänern, Sweden’s largest lake. With its white walls and red roof, the castle looks like it sprung directly from the pages of a fairy tale book. You’ll have plenty opportunity to admire Läckö Castle on the Grand Sweden Cruise and the Classic Canal Cruise.


This little coastal town of the shores of Lake Vänern is one of Sweden’s most beautiful and best-preserved towns with buildings predominantly made from wood. The town is dominated by the tower of its mighty cathedral than can be seen from the inland as well from the waters of the lake. Make sure to have a camera at the ready when you take a stroll through Mariestad’s alleys: charming and delightful sights await you around every corner! The Göta Canal Highlights Cruise starts and ends here.

Sweden’s longest tree avenue

The beautiful tree-lined avenue along long stretches of the Göta Canal was made up from a total of 16.000 trees in its original form. Over the course of time, many of those have unfortunately died off, but efforts to restore the avenue to its former glory are underway. But don’t despair: you’ll still have plenty of chances to preserve the view of the trees reflecting on the surface of the canal for posterity.

Unique cruise ships

Our historical cruise ships, the M/S Wilhelm Tham (built in 1912), the M/S Juno (built in 1874), and the M/S Diana (built in 1931) have become attractions in their own right and have even been recognized for their enormous cultural value by the Swedish government. Get off the boat during one of the various guided excursions on land and take a snapshot of them as they glide down the canal.

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