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Hop On – Hop Off bus routes - tips and map

Discover Berlin on your own or take part in Stromma's city tours, which take place by bus or on foot. The city's main historical attractions are close to Stromma's Hop On - Hop Off bus stops. There you can easily get off at our stops to explore the monuments and the fantastic buildings of the city. Our fleet consists of green buses that look unique due to their easily recognizable bear design. The vehicles are even equipped with a sunroof so that you get that convertible feeling when the weather is good. Good or? With your ticket you get the opportunity to travel two different lines and enjoy the tours with audio guide in 16 languages. You are welcome to get on and off at a stop of your choice whenever you want!

Tips for Hop On - Hop Off bus routes in Berlin

With our buses you can move comfortably between the historical sights, attractions and museums of the city. To make it easier for you to put together your own sightseeing tour, we provide you with some route suggestions.

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The history of the Berlin Wall

After the Allies conquered Berlin in 1945, the city became a four-sector city ruled by the United States of America, France, Great Britain and the Soviet Union. The construction of the Berlin Wall in August 1961 divided the city into West and East Berlin for over 28 years. We have selected three locations for you where parts of the Berlin Wall are still standing along our Hop On - Hop Off city tour.

Mauerreste - part of the wall

Bus route: 1
Stop: 17, Mauerreste

Here, you will find a 200 meter long piece of the so-called Grenzmauer-75 (wall of the 4th generation - recognizable by its construction of concrete slabs with a height of 3 meters and 2 meters into the ground) decorated with graffiti as well as the documentation center "Topography of Terror", which is worth a visit because of its history. During the Third Reich, the site was home to the headquarters of the Secret State Police (Gestapo) and their “house prison”, and at a later point in time the headquarters of the Reichsführung SS and their security service.


Checkpoint Charlie

Bus route: 1
Stop: 18, Checkpoint Charlie

Checkpoint Charlie was one of the most famous border crossings between East and West Berlin and the scene of spectacular escapes and an exciting story. The checkpoint was a border control post for diplomats and members of the military between the Soviet and American sectors. This checkpoint became famous among other things as on 26./27. October 1961, tanks on both sides stood facing each other, ready for action, only a few meters after GDR police officers refused entry to an American diplomat and the world briefly held its breath.

Checkpoint Charlie Berlin

East Side Gallery

Bus route: 2
Stop: 3, East Side Gallery

With a length of 1.3 kilometers, this is the longest remaining piece of the Berlin Wall and a permanent open-air gallery. After the fall of the wall in 1989, several artists from different countries were invited to paint this piece of the wall. Two well-known paintings are “Test the best” by Birgit Kinder and “My God, help me to survive this deadly love” by Dmitri Wrubel.


Discover the Jewish Museum

Bus route: 1
Stop: 18: Checkpoint Charlie

Another notable landmark is the Jewish Museum because you will not only find a large permanent exhibition here, but also an extensive educational program as well as the archive and a calendar full of events aimed at children and adults. The exhibitions show you the Jewish history and what happened during the Holocaust. Meanwhile, daycare and elementary school children learn in a playful way about Noah's Ark from the Torah.

Visit the East Side of Berlin and the DDR Museum

Bus route: 1

Stop: 4, Museumsinsel

Get off at the world-famous Museum Island and admire this island, which is home to magnificent museums such as the Old Museum. When you Hop Off, you will be greeted by the sovereign Pleasure Garden (Lustgarten). Besides, the DDR Museum is a 3-minute walk away, a place where you can learn everything about the life of the East Berlin population and walk through typical GDR apartments.

DDR Museum Berlin, Wohnzimmer.jpg

Visit the East Side of Berlin and the DDR Museum

Bus route: 2
Haltestelle: 2, Frankfurter Allee

East Berlin is a complete contrast to West Berlin because both sides are known to have developed very differently during the time of the Wall. Hop Off at Frankfurter Allee and discover architecture from the GDR era. The design of the former Stalinallee (Stalin Avenue) consists of a wide street, planned for cars as well as for marches and military parades, symmetrically built high-rise buildings on both sides of the streets and the well-known twin towers at Frankfurter Tor.

A city tour in Berlin on foot

If you Hop Off at the Brandenburg Gate (stop 6), you can take part in our one-hour Walking Tour through the government district. Our guides will tell you everything you need to know about the mighty buildings where the German state carries out its actions. You can book the tour individually or it is included in your Hop On - Hop Off ticket.

Reichstag Berlin


How to get to the historical places - Map with the bus stops


Bode Museum, The Museum Island Berlin
Bode Museum, The Museum Island Berlin

More things you can do

Tips and activities

Interested in learning more about Berlin? Then read our article what to see and do in Berlin. We have the best tips about the city landmarks you should know and events you should visit while in the city. 

Checkpoint Charlie and Stromma hop on bus Berlin
Checkpoint Charlie and Stromma hop on bus Berlin

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Book online a sightseeing tour with Stromma Berlin. Take our Hop On - Hop Off buses, enjoy the city´s architecture with a river cruise on the Spree River or you can take our guided walking tour that shows you the German parliament and other interesting buildings. Discover Berlin with us!

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