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Are you visiting Berlin for the weekend or maybe you have just a few days in the city and would like to see the top sights and attractions? The ultimate way to explore the city is to jump on Stromma's hop on hop off buses. Let us guide you through Berlin in our well-known green buses. In the headphones you can choose between sixteen different languages. Stromma buses have departure points nearby all the city highlights. Here we have listed the top ten must see places in Berlin – and on the map further down you will easily find each bus stop.

1. The Museum Island

Right in the middle of the historic centre of Berlin and surrounded by the Spree River, you find one of the most visited sights of the city, also designated as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. On this island, you find five worldwide renowned museums as the Altes Museum, the Neues Museum, the Bode-Museum, the Pergamon Museum, and the Alte Nationalgalerie. Go to About Berlin - Things to do and read more about the museums.
Hop On - Hop Off bus stop: 4 (Line 1)

Alte Nationalgalerie Berlin.jpg

2. Reichstag

It is one of the most fascinating sights in Berlin to visit due to its history. After the completion of the construction in 1884, the building has witnessed several events that have changed the path of the capital in history. After undergoing some construction phases, you can visit the Reichstag when you come to Berlin and nowadays, even the dome of the Reichstag, which had to be rebuilt after the fire in 1933 that destroyed it and severely damaged the entire building. We recommend you to per-book your appointment online and in advance since this landmark is quite visited, or you can take Stromma's live guided Government District Walking Tour in Berlin where you learn more about this and other fascinating buildings at the government district.
Hop On - Hop Off bus stop: 7 (Line 1)

Reichstag Berlin

3. Brandenburg Gate

No other landmark in the city is as significant and largely visited as the Brandenburg Gate is after becoming a symbol of the tumultuous history in Germany and Europe as well as a symbol for unity. This building in neoclassical style has witnessed World War I, World War II, the Cold War, was walled between East and West Germany for 28 years and later became the symbol of the fall of the Berlin Wall in 1989. Today, the Brandenburg Gate not only symbolises peace and unity, but it is also a place where people from around the world get together to welcome the year at the Silvester Party mile.
Hop On - Hop Off bus stop: 6 (Line 1)

Brandenburg Gate Berlin

4. Checkpoint Charlie

One of the border crossings between East and West Berlin during the Cold War after the Berlin Wall was built that interests the visitors the most for being in the city centre. The Checkpoint Charlie was in the city centre and served as a border pass between the Soviet Union and the American Sector in Berlin.
Hop On - Hop Off bus stop: 18 (Line 1)

Checkpoint Charlie Berlin

5. Mauerreste

The Berlin Wall was a border with over 150 Km length around the city, and there are some places where you can find pieces of the Wall still standing as a memorial. One of these Mauerreste (Rest of the Wall) is located at Stromma's bus stop 17. Not only do you find a 200-Meter long protected piece of the Wall but also the documentation centre Topography of Terror where you can visit the permanent exhibition called “Topography of Terror: Gestapo, SS and Reich Security Main Office on Wilhelm- and Prinz-Albrecht-Straße” that covers the crimes committed by the SS and the police institutions during the “Third Reich”.
Hop On - Hop Off bus stop: 17 (Line 1)

Berlin Wall Maurreste

6. Tiergarten

One of the best places to wander around in Berlin is the Tiergarten, the lungs of city. Now, the park is about 2 square Kilometre, but it used to be hunting a forest for the Elector of Brandenburg where wild animals such as deers would be hunted. In the park, you find any kind of statues and memorials dedicated to important characters in history such as the Beethoven-Haydn-Mozart memorial.
Hop On - Hop Off bus stop: 11 (Line 1, Siegessäule)

Tiergarten Berlin.jpg

7. DDR Museum

It is one of the most visited museums in Berlin where you can interact with everyday items used by citizens in the former East Berlin. This interactive museum displays how a regular house would look like, the furniture, groceries amongst others. You should visit the DDR Museum if you want to know how coffee was made and what kind of spirits were sold in the former East Berlin.
Hop On - Hop Off bus stop: 4, Museum Island (Line 1)

DDR Museum Berlin, Wohnzimmer.jpg

8. Jewish Museum

The Jewish Museum is a constantly growing institution that displays artifacts donated by citizens in Germany and abroad as well as offers a varied program of events that aim to raise awareness regarding the Jewish past and present in Germany. In the Liebeskind Building, there is a video installation welcoming the visitors as they walk towards the exhibition rooms. The following exhibitions allow you to immerse yourself in the Jewish culture and to learn more about Judaism and its traditions.
Hop On - Hop Off bus stop: 18, Checkpoint Charlie. About 10-minute walk.

Architecture at Jewish Museum Berlin

9. Potsdamer Platz

It is the centre between Berlin´s two city centres (Alexanderplatz and Ku´Damm). Here you find not only Panoramapunkt, one of the best panoramic views in the city, but also numerous restaurants, luxurious hotels and even the biggest shopping mall in the city, the Mall of Berlin where you find about 300 shops. During different times of the year, the Potsdamer Platz dresses up for different events taking place for example the Berlinale, the Light Festival, and the Christmas Market. Read or guide to the Christmas Markets in Berlin.
Hop On - Hop Off bus stop: 16

Potsdamer Platz Berlin

10. Alexanderplatz

During the times of the Berlin Wall, the city was not only divided in two, but it also had many things double such as two airports, two stadiums and two city centres. The city centre in the former East Berlin was Alexanderplatz. You can visit many landmarks located at Alexanderplatz, for example the TV Tower and the Rotes Rathaus (Red City Hall).
Hop On - Hop Off bus stop: 1

Alexanderplatz Berlin

How to get to each sight & attraction – map with bus departure points

Bode Museum, The Museum Island Berlin
Bode Museum, The Museum Island Berlin

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Checkpoint Charlie and Stromma hop on bus Berlin
Checkpoint Charlie and Stromma hop on bus Berlin

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