Rent a GoBoat in Malmö

Private sightseeing in electric boat

from SEK 499

Be your own captain and sail around with your family and friends and gain a unique experience while enjoying the city, the waterfront and the beautiful, cosy canals.

You do not need a license nor experience to operate the solar powered boats.
The boats have room for up to eight people and have a table in the centre so you can bring your own food and drinks or bring along a coffee/tea and cake picnic basket from Rundan’s café.

You decide where you want to sail and for how long. You can rent the boats on an hourly basis so you can enjoy the summer on the water.

Pick your tour

Rent a GoBoat in Malmö 1 hour

SEK 499

Rent a GoBoat in Malmö 2 hours

SEK 899

Rent a GoBoat in Malmö 3 hours

SEK 1199

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