Christmas cruise on the Oslo fjord with MS Nobel

The perfect Christmas party – charter your own boat

Are you planning a special and memorable Christmas event in Oslo? Then you should arrange a private boat charter tour with MS Nobel. Imagine a Christmas party with stunning winter views of the Oslo skyline along with your friends, family, or colleagues. You rent the boat and we will, from your own needs, create the perfect arrangement for you and your guests.

A charter boat tour with MS Nobel are perfect for

✓ Customized Christmas parties
✓ Christmas event for the company
✓ Kick-off and conferences

How to arrange a Christmas cruise in the Oslo fjord

It’s easy. We can assist you with planning of menu, beverages and entertainment. The price includes everything from tableware and decoration to staff and cleaning. The boat can take up to 150 people and is the perfect location for a unique event. Contact us today and let us help you to plan and customize an experience beyond the ordinary.

Contact us via info@stromma.no for more information and bookings.


Built in: 1964
Dining room: 100
Buffet: 80
Sun deck: yes, two
Wifi: Yes
Function variations:
Small bathrooms, not accessible by wheelchair.

Price information: Ship rent varies depending on date and type of arrangement. Send a request by clicking on the green button 'Ask for a quote' and we get back to you with more information.
You can also send us an email: info@stromma.no 

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