Rent M/S S:t Erik in Gothenburg

A classic archipelago boat with beautiful ship lounges

The fine archipelago ship M/S S:t Erik (built 1881) is perfectly suited as a party venue or as a private restaurant for a close group. Here you can arrange mingling, breakfast meetings, dinners, weddings, birthday parties, or transport for groups of up to 296 people in Gothenburg's archipelago.

The interior of the ship is in a classic style, here there are elegant textiles and a beautiful historical well-preserved interior with a lot of wooden details. On board, there is a beautiful dining room with room for 110 seated guests. The aft saloon, which has a generous amount of light thanks to its many windows, is well suited as a mingling area or for a sumptuous buffet. There are also two lovely sundecks on board, perfect for the welcome drink and mingling.

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The Benefits of Renting M/S S:t Erik

  • Spacious dining room and bright aft saloon
  • Large aft deck and sun deck
  • Boat crew, serving & kitchen staff, and cleaning are included

M/S S:t Erik – Food and Drinks Onboard

The restaurant on board M/S S:t Erik is run by restaurateurs Maxan Ylijärvi and Björn Tagesson. Both have extensive experience in the industry and always strive to deliver dining experiences beyond the ordinary. The food is prepared from well-selected ingredients in the kitchen on board the boat. You are always served good and classic food framed by the beautiful ship and the West Coast archipelago.

We at Stromma work actively together with our restaurateurs to reduce our impact on the environment. In our restaurants, we are careful and do not use, for example, single-use plastic, we only use environmentally friendly cleaning products, and we only serve environmentally and fair-traded coffee and tea, etc. Please read more about our sustainability work.

M/S S:t Erik is also available for rent for a Christmas dinner cruise with a classic Christmas dinner served on board.

The History of M/S S:t Erik

In 1881, M/S S:t Erik was built at Lindholmen's Mekaniska verkstad. The customer for this ship was Marstrands Nya Ångfartygs AB and they paid, for that time, the staggering sum of SEK 103,000. The name S:t Erik came from S:t Eriksparken on Marstrand, a popular park among bathers of the time. St. Erik's original route was Gothenburg, Marstrand, Stenungssund and Nösund.

S:t Erik ended up in Stockholm in 1965 and from the 1970s the ship was a popular restaurant and charter boat. Since 1995, M/S S:t Erik has been part of Strömma Turism & Sjöfart AB's fleet and since then she has been on the west coast and in Gothenburg again.

Did you know that M/S S:t Erik has shuttled both Saudi Arabian royalty and Brigitte Bardot in the Stockholm archipelago? However, none of the trips ended as planned. Brigitte Bardot had a gallstone attack, which meant that the ship had to rush the journey home, and for the Saudi Arabian royals, the weather was so bad that they asked to be disembarked earlier.

Restauranteurs : Maxan Ylijärvi & Björn Tagesson

Max capacity (pax) : 296

Phone number : +46 (0)31-60 96 60

Price : from 7200 SEK per hour (excl. VAT)


Built: 1881
Dining room, main deck: 110 persons
Stern saloon: 40 persons
Christmas buffet: 110 persons
Sittning dinner: 150 persons
Transport: 296 persons
Drink arrangement:
200 persons
Sun deck: Yes
Meeting room: No
Child chair: Yes
Winter traffic: Yes
Min numbers of guests: 30
Min numbers of buffet guests: 30
Impaired mobility: 
The boat is not adjusted for impaired mobility.

Price information

The rental price varies depending on the date and type of event. Leave your requirements here, and we will get back to you with a cost estimation.

Menues M/S S:t Erik

Deck plans

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