M/S S:t Erik

M/S S: t Erik gives you an experience you will never forget!

Beautiful S:t Erik was built in 1881 and has everything an archipelago boat needs. She has a long experience in Gothenburg waters. Among other things, she used to serve as a post boat.

Onboard they serve delicious food with inspiration from the archipelago.

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Restauranteurs : Maxan Ylijärvi & Björn Tagesson

Max capacity : 296

Phone number : +46 (0)31-60 96 60

Price : from 5700 SEK per hour (excl. VAT)


Built: 1881
Dining room, main deck: 110
Chritmas buffet: 110
Travel/drink arrangement: 200
Sun deck: Yes
Meeting room: No
Child chair: Yes
Winter traffic: Yes
Min numbers of guests: 30
Min numbers of buffet guests: 30
Impaired mobility: 
The boat is not adjusted for impaired mobility.

Price information

The rental price varies depending on the date and type of event. Leave your requirements here, and we will get back to you with a cost estimation.

Menues M/S S:t Erik

Deck plans