Business Unit - Stromma Sweden

Business Unit Director Sweden
Peter Henricson
E-post: peter.henricson[at]stromma.se

Marketing Manager

Cecilia Sandberg
E-mail: cecilia.sandberg[at]stromma.se

Sales Manager
Martin Durnik
E-mail: martin.durnik[at]stromma.se

Planning & Operations Manager
Evelina Brihall
E-mail: evelina.brihall[at]stromma.se

Destination Manager Birka The Viking City
Veronica Björkman
E-mail: veronica.bjorkman[at]stromma.se

Business Unit Manager Göteborg & Göta Kanal
Fredrik Duveskog
E-mail: fredrik.duveskog[at]stromma.se

Business Unit Manager Vaxholms Kastell
Jakob Wallin
E-mail: jakob.wallin[at]stromma.se

Business Unit Manager Malmö
Thomas Ek
E-mail: thomas.ek[at]stromma.se

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