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Best things to do in Bergen - Top Ten Must See and Do


Discover the Best Things to Do in Bergen 

Bergen, Norway’s second-largest city, is full of natural beauty, historic sites, and vibrant culture. Surrounded by seven mountains and the North Sea, it offers a mix of city charm and stunning landscapes. Whether you love nature, history, or culture, Bergen has something for you. Here are the top 10 must-see and do activities to enjoy your visit to this beautiful city.

1. Explore Bryggen Wharf

Bryggen Wharf is a UNESCO World Heritage site and one of Bergen's most famous spots. These colorful wooden buildings are from the Hanseatic League era and now have museums, shops, and restaurants. Walk through the narrow alleys, visit the Hanseatic Museum, and enjoy the history of this busy harbor.

Address: Bryggen, 5003 Bergen

2. Ride the Fløibanen Funicular

For the best views of Bergen, ride the Fløibanen Funicular. This scenic ride takes you up Mount Fløyen, where you can hike, visit a café, and see amazing views of the city and fjords below.

Address: Vetrlidsallmenningen 23A, 5014 Bergen

3. Visit the Fish Market

Bergen’s Fish Market is in the city center and is a seafood lover’s dream. Try fresh seafood like king crab and salmon, and enjoy local treats. The market also sells fruits, vegetables, and souvenirs.

Address: Torget, 5014 Bergen

4. Discover Bergenhus Fortress

Bergenhus Fortress is one of Norway's oldest and best-preserved fortresses. Visit Håkon’s Hall, a stone hall from the 13th century, and the Rosenkrantz Tower to learn about Bergen’s royal history.

Address: Bergenhus 13, 5003 Bergen

5. Experience KODE Art Museums

KODE is a group of four art museums in Bergen with a great collection of Norwegian and international art. See Edvard Munch’s famous works and other art exhibits.

Address: Rasmus Meyers allé 9, 5015 Bergen

6. Walk Through Old Bergen Museum

Visit the Old Bergen Museum, an open-air museum showing life in Bergen in the 18th and 19th centuries. It has over 50 wooden houses, costumed guides, and interactive exhibits.

Address: Nyhavnsveien 4, 5042 Bergen

7. Explore Bergen with the Hop On – Hop Off City Sightseeing Bus

Discover the charm and beauty of Bergen at your own pace with the Hop On – Hop Off City Sightseeing bus. This convenient and flexible tour allows you to explore the city's top attractions, including the historic Bryggen wharf and the Fish Market. With multiple stops around the city, you can hop off to visit museums, parks, and other points of interest, then hop back on to continue your adventure. The buses run regularly, making it easy to see everything Bergen has to offer in a day.

Departure Address: Bontelabo Cruise Terminal / King
Håkons Hall / The Rosenkrantz Tower

8. Explore the Bergen Aquarium

The Bergen Aquarium is great for families and marine life fans. It has many sea creatures like seals, penguins, and tropical fish. Enjoy interactive displays and daily feeding shows.

Address: Nordnesbakken 4, 5005 Bergen

9. Hike Mount Ulriken

For outdoor lovers, hiking Mount Ulriken, the highest of Bergen’s seven mountains, is a must. Take the Ulriken643 cable car to the top for stunning views or hike up the trails. Enjoy a meal at the mountain restaurant.

Address: Haukelandsbakken 40, 5009 Bergen

10. Stroll Through Musehagen 

The University of Bergen’s Botanical Garden is a peaceful place with many plants from around the world. Walk through beautiful gardens, themed plant collections, and quiet ponds.

Muséplassen 3, 5007 Bergen, Norge

Bergen combines natural beauty with rich culture and history. From its historic wharf and  fortresses to beautiful fjords and lively art scene, there’s always something to see and do. Whether you’re visiting famous landmarks, enjoying outdoor adventures, or tasting local food, Bergen promises a memorable experience for every traveler. Pack your bags and get ready to explore the best of Bergen!

Find the spots on this Bergen map


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