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If you don’t find the answer below, please send us your question by e-mail and we will be happy to answer them: info@stromma.no


  • The City Sightseeing buses drive a continuous route. Along the route there are stops at various places of interest. You can hop off where you want and hop back on from the same or any other of our stops along the route and continue your tour. On our buses we provide an audio guide in various languages which lets you know about the sights and attractions along the way.

  • You can buy tickets for all our destinations online, or from our street sellers. You can also buy them from our partners in each city (Tourist information centers and partner hotels etc.).

  • When you purchase your ticket online you can pay by credit card. On the destinations we prefer contact less payment by compatible cards or smart phones, but you can also pay for your ticket with cash (NOK, Euro, Dollars).

  • Please check our website for updated ticket prices. 

  • A 24-hour ticket is valid for 24 hours from first use, a day ticket and 24h ticket is the same

  • Our multi-destination ticket gives you unlimited access to all our buses and boats in selected locations, for a period of 12 days. Perfect for exploring multiple places flexibly. 

  • If you wish to add a destination to your trip, you can scan the QR codes on the back of the bus seat. If you have a problem scanning the code, please contact customer service at: info@stromma.no

  • If you have not received your ticket, please check your email's spam folder or contact customer service for assistance. Info@stromma.no

  • No, you do not need to print your ticket. You can show it electronically on your device. 

  • You must be able to show us your booking confirmation/ticket. We encourage you to use the digital format as this is fully valid and saves the planet from unnecessary paper waste; You can show the e-mail/QR-code through your smartphone/device or take a photo of the QR-code and show it to the staff onboard. If you prefer to print, we certainly accept paper tickets as well. Welcome on board!

  • In Oslo the ticket is valid for 24 or 48 hours.
    In Geiranger, Stavanger, Olden, Haugesund we only operate on cruise days and the ticket are valid one day.

  • If you want to change your ticket, you must do so directly where you made your booking.

    Online Bookings: Changes can be made online via our website. Subject to availability, we offer date changes on all bus tickets. Please follow the link and instructions provided in your booking confirmation/ticket.

    Sales Representatives: If you booked through one of our sales representatives at the destination, you must contact our customer service for any changes or cancellations.

    Time Limit: Please note that changes cannot be made less than 24 hours before departure. This also applies in any event where you are unable to use your ticket due to travel restrictions or delayed/changed flights or cruise schedules as these are considered circumstances outside of Stromma Norway’s control. Please refer to your travel provider or travel insurance for coverage.

    Group Bookings: For group bookings or chartered arrangements, other conditions apply as advised at the time of reservation.

  • If you need to cancel your ticket, do so where you made your booking.

    Online Bookings: Cancel or change online using the link in your booking confirmation.
    Sales Representatives: Contact our customer service for changes or cancellations.
    For packages, individual parts cannot be cancelled.

    Cancellation Policy:

    Less than 24 hours before departure: No refund.
    More than 24 hours before departure: Full refund.
    For group bookings or charters, different conditions apply as advised at booking.

  • Leisure guests and private groups can only pay with credit card in advance. Companies, schools and organisations can apply for invoice payment upon bookings with a value of more than NOK 5 000. Stromma does a a credit information checkup before approval. An administration fee of NOK 100 will be added to your final invoice.

  • Unfortunately, we do not make any preliminary bookings or reservations. We only offer tickets with direct payment.

  • For group bookings on buses or boats, please contact our booking department at info@stromma.no. We offer special rates and tailored experiences for groups. 

  • Up to five children aged 0-5 years travel free per full paying adult. Children 6-15 years pay 50% of adult rate. Please note that all passengers need a valid ticket regardless of age. We do not offer any group discounts.

    Rent a Bus or Boat 

    To rent a bus or boat, please contact our booking department. We offer tailored solutions for private events. Info@stromma.no. Mark that normal operating days during high season we do not rent out buses in the operating hours. 


  • Timetables for our buses are available on our website. Usual operating hours are between 10AM-and 16 PM. In certain locations we are collaborating with the cruise arrivals, check your destination to see if this applies. There are specific dates that we are not operating, such as 17th of May. You will find these days at the landing page for each destination. 

  • Timetables for our boats can be found on our website. 

    Check departure and arrival times to plan your trip. Oslo Fjord Sightseeing | Boat tour tickets | stromma.com 

  • The safety of our passengers is our highest priority. For safety reasons, please do not stand while the bus is moving. Please follow our onboard safety instructions and always follow the staff’s directions. 

  • For information on disruptions, please check our website for updates. We will inform you about route changes and delays as soon as possible. Stromma sightseeing Norway | Bus & boat | Hop On-Hop Off

  • Have you lost something on one of our buses or boats? Please contact our customer service at info@stromma.no. We will do our best to help you find your lost item. 

  • Please check our website for the onboard menu on our boats. Usually, we offer chicken salad and shrimps on our boat cruises. As well as cold beverages in the bar. Both alcoholic and non-alcoholic. We offer a variety of food and drinks to make your journey more enjoyable. Any allergies, please contact customer service at: info@stromma.no and we will try and cater to your needs.

  • We are sorry but you cannot travel without a valid ticket. Please take a picture of your ticket when you receive it if you did not purchase online.  

  • Yes, the Hop on – Hop off tour buses have a wheelchair ramp and room for a wheelchair with a headphone jack for guidance.

  • No, M/S Nobel has steps in the boat and is not adjusted for impaired mobility.

  • No. Care takers are required to have their own tickets.

  • Yes. We offer free Wi-Fi onboard our buses and boats. Follow the instructions onboard to connect. Name of WiFi network is Citysightseeing and WiFi password on buses are: VisitOslo

  • Yes, our buses and boats have audio guides who provide information about the attractions we visit. 

  • We provide headsets onboard our buses so you can listen to information about the places we visit. Ask the staff for a headset if you haven't received one. Certain locations also have “Fabella- bring your own device”. Ask sales team if this applies to your destination.

    On the boat tours the audio guides are provided through our speaker system. 

  • The City Sightseeing commentaries are offered in different languages.The languages depend on what destination you are in, but usally: English, German, Spanish, French, Japanese, Italian, Chinese and Norwegian. 

  • Fabella is our digital guide that provides you with information about the attractions and places we visit directly on your device. Scan the QR- code to get the most of your trip. Or visit Fabella 

  • Fabella/ Bring your own device: Check that you have enabled location services on your phone. You can do this in settings. 

    Bus Audio Guide: If there is a technical problem with the audio guide system it could relate to the headphone jack so we recommend you try a different seat. If the problem persisted, you should reach out to the bus driver or our sales representatives on the destination for a solution. We are here to help! 

  • Our buses are modern, comfortable, and equipped with all necessary facilities to make your journey pleasant. 

  • Our buses are classified as Class 1; city buses.Therefore, child seats are not required on our Hop-on-Hop-off buses.

    However, we strongly encourage and recommend that the safety of the child is always evaluated and secured by the traveling party.

  • Yes, if you already have a ticket, you can go straight onboard without needing to purchase a new one, but you will have to wait until there is room on the bus still. 

  • No, our buses are without toilets, but our boat are equipped with toilets. Ask the staff for guidance. 

  • There is limited space for luggage onboard. Please contact us in advance if you have large items with you. 

  • You must make sure you catch the last bus as we have a tight timetable, and we need to follow this. If you miss it, you will need to find alternative transport.

  • Yes, the ticket is valid from all our stops, you can jump on and off as much as you like. The audio system uses GPS in order to play the correct information.

  • The easiest way to find the Hop On Hop Off bus is to use our Find my bus function, where you can see where the buses are in our different destinations.   

  • No, but some museums and attractions will give you discount on the entrance if you show your City Sightseeing ticket. You can get more information in our brochures. 

  • Yes. The City Sightseeing tours stops at the most interesting places in each city. 

  • The red City Sightseeing buses are easy to recognize, the name and logo is clearly shown on all our buses. 

  • Yes of course. We encourage you to take photos to document memories for life. Please tag @strommanorway if you use social media – we’d love to see your best shots! We kindly remind you to show good faith and ask for consent if you photograph people’s (especially children’s) faces. Smile!

  • No, all our tours are smoke free and you are not allowed to smoke on board our boats.

  • A good snack and a non-alcoholic drink goes well while sightseeing and is allowed on board the bus. Have you tried the famous Norwegain ‘Skolebrød’ or our hot dogs ‘Pølse i lompe?

    On MS Nobel you are not allowed to bring any food and beverages. 

  • As much as we love furry friends, we can not allow them on our tours due to safety and potential allergies from other passengers and guests.

  • Absolutely! Service dogs are welcome on our bus and boat tour. We’re happy to accommodate your needs and ensure you and your service dog have a comfortable and enjoyable experience.


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