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Booking Terms & Conditions

These general terms and conditions apply between Stromma Norge AS and the person who either directly or via a third party enters into an agreement with Stromma in accordance with the specifications of the confirmation (GUEST). The agreement may apply to a journey, the purchase of other products and services, or a combination of these (arrangements) for the following brands: Stromma, Hop On – Hop Off  and City Sightseeing. 

Official organiser: Stromma Norge AS, Oslo Cruiseterminal, Akershusstranda 15, 0150 Oslo, Norway, VAT NO920 184 413


As the official organiser, Stromma has a responsibility towards the GUEST for the rights this person acquires as a result of the agreement. The responsibility also applies to actions that are to be fulfilled by some party other than Stromma. Information in catalogues, brochures and on websites is binding on Stromma but may be changed before an agreement is reached, provided that a clear reservation on this point has been made and the GUEST is clearly informed about the change. Stromma accepts no liability for printing or proofing errors. As an organiser, Stromma has an obligation to ensure:

• That the GUEST receives written confirmation of his/her booking and other essential documents

• That information is provided about means of payment and that the GUEST is also provided with information about other issues of significance for the arrangement.

• That the arrangement matches the description in the confirmation. Stromma is not responsible for promises that a third party may have made directly to the GUEST without Stromma’s knowledge and that Stromma did not know about or ought to have known about In these General Booking Terms & Conditions: Departure – the point in time when the GUEST leaves the point of departure. Arrival – the point in time when the GUEST arrives and concludes their journey. On board – when the GUEST is on board an Stromma vessel or bus.


We take advance online bookings up to one hour before departure. Unspecified pre-paid tickets with flexible departure times are valid provided there is space available. When making an advance booking by phone via Stromma’s Sales Department, a booking charge per booking will be added regardless of the number of people. The booking is valid for both Stromma and the GUEST as soon as Stromma has confirmed the booking and the GUEST has paid the agreed booking charge within the stipulated time period.


We confirm the bookings via email to the email address provided.


The GUEST shall pay for the arrangement no later than the time specified in the confirmation.

• Booking a journey 
For travel-only arrangements, the booking value is paid by card at the time of booking online or via Stromma’s Sales Department. Under the terms of the agreement, Stromma should have received the value of the booking by 24:00 on the day the booking is made.

• Package booking 
For package travel arrangements, the booking value is paid by card at the time of booking online or via Stromma’s Sales Department. Under the terms of the agreement, Stromma should have received the value of the booking by 24:00 on the day the booking is made. Stromma does not send payment reminders for unpaid bookings. The booking will be cancelled if Stromma has not received payment by the due date specified in the confirmation.

Cancellation rules

The GUEST can cancel online, verbally or in writing to Stromma or to the place that took the booking. When booking combinations of arrangements that Stromma sells for a pre-set price (package), the GUEST is not able to cancel individual parts of the arrangement.
• Stromma will keep 100% of the booking value when ordered products are cancelled or changed one day or less before departure.
• The entire amount will be repaid in the case of cancellations no later than 24 hours before departure.

Stromma's changes and the guest's rights, etc

Stromma is allowed to change the terms and conditions for the arrangement, provided that the GUEST can be offered other equivalent services. If Stromma experiences cost increases after the agreement has become binding on the parties, Stromma is allowed to increase prices for the journey correspondingly, provided that the cost increase is due to changes in taxes or other charges relating to services that are part of the arrangement. The price may not be increased during the final 20 days before departure and the GUEST should be informed immediately. The price of the arrangement should be lowered if Stromma’s costs are reduced for the same reasons specified above 20 days before arrival. If the arrangement cannot be provided according to the confirmation and its terms & conditions, and Stromma is not able to offer the GUEST other equivalent services, the GUEST is entitled to withdraw from the agreement. The GUEST is also entitled to withdraw from the agreement if the terms & conditions are changed significantly to his/her disadvantage. In this case, Stromma must repay the entire amount that has been paid. The GUEST should report any problem that arises during the journey on board so that Stromma has a chance to rectify it. If the GUEST does not do so, he/she will lose the right to make a complaint about the problem. The GUEST is under an obligation to limit the extent of the damage as far as possible. Stromma’s possible obligation to pay compensation will not apply if Stromma is able to show that the journey was not possible to undertake due to circumstances beyond the control of Stromma that Stromma could not reasonably be expected to have foreseen when entering into the agreement and the consequences of which Stromma could not reasonably have avoided or overcome.

The guest's obligations

The GUEST must be aged 18 years or over in order to book/enter into an agreement with Stromma. The GUEST has a personal responsibility to observe the necessary formalities for the journey’s implementation. Stromma is entitled to terminate the agreement with immediate effect if the GUEST or someone in his/her party behaves in a disorderly manner and/or causes damage on board. In the event of any termination of the contract with immediate effect due to the above-mentioned reasons, Stromma will charge the GUEST an expenses fee equivalent to the damage caused.

Dogs and cats onboard

Dogs/cats are not allowed on sightseeing boats, trains and buses.

Any disputes

In the event of any disputes not settled directly, we refer you to the Norwegian Travel Complaint Handling Body (Transportklagenemnda/Norsk Reiselivsforum) Øvre Slottsgate 18-20, 0157 Oslo, Norway.

War, natural disasters, strikes etc.

Both parties are entitled to withdraw from the agreement if the arrangement cannot be provided on the grounds of acts of war, natural disasters, labour market conflicts, long-term interruptions in the water or power supply, fire, or other similar major events that neither of the parties could have fore- seen or influenced.

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