Contact information

The owner of this site is:
Stromma Danmark A/S
Toldbodgade 39
DK-1253 Copenhagen K
+45 32 96 3000
VAT: 26915910

Terms & conditions for private boat hire

Read our terms and conditions for private boat hire here.


Complaints have to be made during or immediately after completion of the tour. You can reach us at info@stromma.dk

The official tour operator is:
Bus tours: Stromma Danmark A/S, Toldbodgade 39, DK-1253 Copenhagen K - VAT-number DK-26915910
Boat tours: Stromma Danmark A/S, Toldbodgade 39, DK-1253 Copenhagen K - VAT-number DK-26915910


Unspecified, prepaid tickets with an open departure time shall be valid where space permits and shall be redeemed for tickets at the relevant ticket offices. This does not apply to special tours.

When does the guest's booking become binding?

The booking is binding upon both Stromma Danmark A/S and the guest as soon as Stromma Danmark A/S has confirmed the booking and the guest has paid for the booking.


Stromma Danmark A/S confirms bookings by email to the email address provided.

When should the guest pay?

Online purchase must be paid by credit card upon booking. Other purchases must be paid for no later than the time specified in the confirmation.


We offer special ticket prices for children on our Classic Canal Tour, Grand Canal Tour, and on our Hop On-Hop Off buses:

  • One child aged 0-5 is free with each paying adult
  • Children aged 6-15 pay 50% of the adult price

We offer a special group discount on our Classic Canal Tour and our Hop On-Hop Off buses:

  • Groups of 10 persons or more get a 10% group discount. The discount is automatically added when booking online on our website for 10 persons or more

Multiple discounts cannot be combined.

What happens if the guest does not pay in time?

Stromma Danmark A/S does not issue reminders for unpaid bookings. Should payment not be received by the specified due date in the confirmation, the booking will automatically be cancelled. 

A failure to make payment on time is considered a de facto cancellation by the guest. In such cases, our standard cancellation policy will apply.

What happens if the guest wishes to cancel/rebook?

The guest may submit a written cancellation to Stromma Danmark A/S or to the outlet where the booking has been made.

Guests are not permitted to cancel individual components of a package deal. All bookings of combined events/arrangements sold by Stromma Danmark A/S at a predetermined price must be treated as a single unit.Stromma Danmark A/S will retain 100% of the value of the booking when a product is cancelled less than 24 hours before departure. The entire sum will be refunded if the booking is cancelled no later than 24 hours before departure.

Following products can not be cancelled or refunded: Canal Tour & Tivoli, Tivoli entrance tickets, Jazz Cruise, Showboat, Copenhagen Light Festival, and other themed or special tours.

What happens in the event of a dispute?

In case of a dispute, guests should first contact Stromma Danmark A/S. If no agreement is reached, they may then approach the Danish Board for Consumer Complaints or a public court of law.

War, natural disasters, strikes, etc.

Both Parties may cancel the agreement if the event/arrangement cannot be provided due to war, natural disasters, strikes, significant interruptions in water or energy supplies, fire, or other similar major incidents beyond either party's control.

The Danish personal data act

By completing the payment, guests explicitly consent to Stromma Danmark A/S processing their personal data in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). This data processing is essential for managing guest reservations, ensuring access to accurate personal information in case of emergencies, and handling any potential claims. 

Furthermore, with the guest's explicit permission, the data may be utilized to communicate insurance and payment services, travel-related offers, and for conducting market research surveys.

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