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Terms & conditions for private boat rental

Stromma Danmark A/S

Stromma Danmark A/S
CVR No. 26915910
Toldbodgade 39
1253 Copenhagen K 

Booking & confirmation

Obtaining an offer or booking a private boat tour can be done by filling in the contact form on our website or by sending an email to info@stromma.dk

Stromma does not pre-book a boat in connection with making an offer, unless the customer specifically asks for it. The timeslot will still be open to other customers and the boat may be booked by others.

Orders are only confirmed when the customer has confirmed by email to Stromma that they want to book a boat, and Stromma has sent an order confirmation by email with the booking number and the agreed details for the booking.

It is the customer's responsibility to read the order confirmation immediately after receipt and check that the information corresponds to what was agreed, including prices, contact information, dates, times and places. Any errors or misunderstandings are reported to Stromma as soon as possible so that they can be corrected.

The order is binding for Stromma as soon as Stromma has sent an order confirmation to the customer. Stromma is responsible for the delivery of the services described in the order confirmation, however reservations are made for failure of sub-suppliers when ordering catering and the like.

Payment terms & method of payment

Credit-approved Danish business customers will receive an invoice by email after the sailing has been completed. All other business customers, private customers, associations and foreign business customers will receive an invoice by mail 6-8 weeks before sailing, the deadline for timely payment is 4 weeks before sailing.

Stromma can also send invoices electronically. EAN number and CVR number must be given when ordering.

All payments must be made via bank transfer or electronic invoicing. It is not possible to pay boat hire in cash or by credit card.

If, after receiving the final invoice, the customer wants a new invoice because the customer has not provided the correct invoicing information when ordering, an administrative fee of DKK 175.00 ex. VAT will be charged for making a new invoice.

The customer's conditions for changing and cancelling boat hire

If the customer wishes to cancel their booking, the following deadlines apply:

  • Free cancellation up to 4 weeks before departure.
  • Cancellation between 4 and 2 weeks before departure: 50% of the price is invoiced.
  • Cancellation less than 2 weeks before departure: 100% of the price is invoiced.

If the cancellation occurs less than 14 days before the departure time, Stromma is thus entitled to the full payment of the agreed price, including any catering from sub-suppliers where the cancellation deadline has passed.

If the customer wishes to change the time or place of the trip less than 8 days before departure, a change fee of DKK 250.00 ex. VAT will be charged (if the changes are possible).

If the customer wishes to change the date of a booking when there are less than 4 weeks to departure, this is considered a cancellation of the original date. The cancelled date will be invoiced according to Stromma's general cancellation conditions.

Changes and cancellations must always be made in writing to info@stromma.dk and are only confirmed when Stromma has confirmed the change/cancellation to the customer in writing.

Stromma's conditions for changes or cancellations

Stromma reserves the right to increase the price set in the order confirmation for already agreed services as a result of changes in transport costs, taxes, fees, exchange rates or price changes with our subcontractors.

Stromma reserves the right to change or cancel agreed orders, including changes to boat type, agreed departure place or departure time as a result of changed arrival conditions, difficult wind or weather conditions, closures and the like.

Any change or cancellation that Stromma deems to be significant for the customer's event, the customer will be informed of as quickly as possible.

In the event of changes that have a significant impact on the customer's event, and which are not due to the customer's own circumstances, the customer has the right to cancel the agreement with Stromma and have the full amount of the tour refunded, or participate in another tour of their choice, if Stromma can provice this without suffering disproportionate costs or losses.

Parties, music, alcohol consumption and self-catering

Stromma's boats are not suitable as "party boats", and events where the main purpose is large consumption of alcohol and/or listening to loud music on board are not permitted on board.

Stromma reserves the right to cancel a sailing prematurely or to reject guests altogether if guests are visibly intoxicated, do not follow staff instructions or behave in a way that endangers themselves, other guests or Stromma staff. Any unused time or catering will not be refunded if the tour has to be cancelled early.

Own sound boxes, DJ setups and the like are not allowed.

It is possible, by prior agreement, to hear muted background music on the boat via the built-in loudspeaker system, which is also used in connection with guided tours. Please note that no music may be played while the boat is sailing through the canals or on trips after 22:00 in the evening.

Smoking is not allowed on board Stromma's boats - not even outdoors.

Customers are welcome to bring their own food and drinks on board if this has been agreed upon when making the booking. In that case, a fee of DKK 400 ex VAT will be added to the customer's order.

If customers bring their own catering, they are responsible for the subsequent clean-up. Cleaning must take place within the rental period specified on the order confirmation. All boats have bins on board, and Stromma's staff can provide extra bin bags if needed.

If the customer damages the boat or leaves the boat in a condition that requires extraordinary cleaning, Stromma will be entitled to charge a fee of min. DKK 1000.00 ex. VAT depending on the extent of the damage/cleaning.

On the day of the trip

If the customer has not cancelled the tour, or if the guests do not arrive at the departure point at the agreed departure time, Stromma still has the right to calculate the full price for the tour.

If the guests cannot find the boat, are delayed or the like, they must call the emergency on-call number on the order confirmation so that Stromma can help. If the boat is booked by an agency or an organizer who is not present on the day, it is the responsibility of the agency/organizer to pass on the emergency number to their group. If the emergency number is not used, it is the customer's own responsibility, and the customer will be charged full payment for the trip.

As a rule, Stromma does not pick up guests, lecturers, serving staff or catering from a place other than the agreed pick-up and drop-off point for the group itself, unless this was planned according to the route and pricing when ordering.

Errors and deficincies

If the customer discovers errors or deficiencies on the trip, the customer must notify Stromma's employees on site of the deficiency as soon as possible, so that it can be remedied by Stromma. If the customer fails to draw attention to any errors or deficiencies on the trip itself, even if it is possible and even if the deficiency could be rectified on the day, a subsequent complaint will be rejected. Private customers are covered by the Consumer Contracts Act and must advertise within a "reasonable time" if errors or deficiencies occur during the trip.

If the customer suffers a loss as a result of Stromma not being able to fulfill the agreed terms due to defects, changes or cancellation of the tour, the customer can claim compensation for his loss in accordance with the general compensation rules of Danish law.

Stromma's liability is in all cases limited to the direct loss documented by the customer. Consequential damages and loss of property, including operating loss, loss of time, loss of profit and similar indirect losses are not compensated.

Stromma is not responsible for losses as a result of delays.

Stromma is in all cases free from responsibility for losses due to deficiencies, changes or cancellations covered by force majeure, such as strikes, natural disasters, war, war-like situations, riots, civil unrest, terrorism or similar serious disturbances of the peace, or which are due to other external circumstances which Stromma or anyone for whom Stromma is responsible could not with due diligence have foreseen, avoided or mitigated.

Personal information

In connection with the confirmation and the delivery of the services, Stromma processes personal data about the customer. Stromma is the data controller with regard to such data processing, cf. the data protection regulation (GDPR) art. 4(7). The customer can read more about Stromma's processing of the customer's personal data in Stromma's privacy policy

Jurisdiction and choice of law

Any dispute between Stromma and the customer must be settled according to Danish law.

Disputes between the parties, which cannot be settled amicably, must be settled by Copenhagen City Court as the proper venue in the first instance. However, Stromma can always choose to sue the customer at his home.

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