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Tivoli Combinations

Tivoli Combinations

Add a Fun Visit to Your Copenhagen Sightseeing Tour

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Save the Baltic Sea - Stromma and the World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF) have entered into a partnership where we work together for a cleaner Baltic Sea.

In Sweden and Denmark Stromma together with WWF and local partners have placed out Seabins to improve the environment in/of the Baltic Sea.

At Stromma we are continuously working to reduce our use of plastic. Our efforts reduced our plastic consumption by 1 097 kg in one year.

Stromma has ambitious goals for our sustainability work – one of them is to reduce CO2-emissions by 50% by 2030.

Stromma is working to reduce use of fuel and energy as well as switching to renewable fuels and clean energy sources.

Classic Canal Tour & Tivoli

Classic Canal Tour & Tivoli

Combine your boat tour with Tivoli

Boat: 1 h
Enjoy our cozy 1-hour Classic Canal Tour with live guide and explore the amazing Tivoli for the rest of the day.
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