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Two Seabins clean the water in Copenhagen


Collecting Litter From the Canals

At Stromma, sustainability is at the core of our operations. We cherish the beautiful canals of Copenhagen and aim to preserve their cleanliness for future generations. Our mission is to showcase pristine canals and harbors to visitors, while proudly stating that the water is clean enough to swim in.

Our initiative:
To contribute to cleaner canals, we've installed two innovative Seabins at our Nyhavn ticket office. This initiative is a collaborative effort between Stromma, the World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF), and City&Port.

How Do the Seabins Work?

Seabins are designed to collect surface litter from the water. A submersible water pump draws the litter into a catch bag inside the Seabin. With a remarkable capacity of 25,000 liters per hour, the pump filters out the water, leaving the litter trapped in the catch bag. Additionally, an 'oil pad' absorbs oil and captures microfibers as small as 2 millimeters.

Seabin in the habor.jpg

How Much Litter Can a Seabin Collect?

A single Seabin can collect approximately 1.5 kg of floating litter, depending on weather conditions and the amount of debris in the water. We anticipate emptying the Seabins twice a day, potentially collecting nearly 2 tons of litter annually.

Commonly caught objects:
The most frequent items caught by Seabins include cigarette butts (29%), plastic fragments (28%), and food wrappers (26%). Other common items are foam particles (5%), bottle caps (4%), straws, stirrers (2%), cans, and plastic bags (1%).

Emptying Seabin.jpg

Where Can I See the New Seabins?

Interested in seeing the Seabins in action? Join us for a sail from Nyhavn, where the Seabins are conveniently located. We sail every day throughout the year, and when it's cold outside, our boats are covered, heated, and lit up by delightful lights.

See our tours here

And see you in Nyhavn!

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