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Discover Spring in Copenhagen


Wondering what to do when you visit Copenhagen in spring?

Below you’ll find our list of top things to do and see in Copenhagen in the spring, including the best spots to see the cherry blossoms in bloom, iconic sights, and cultural experiences. Spring is a wonderful time to visit Copenhagen, as the city awakens from the winter and welcomes the warmer and brighter days. Flowers bloom in the city’s many parks, the canals are filled with boats, and the streets and cafes are buzzing with activity - but best of all, the city is a lot less crowded than during the summer months.

Stroll The King’s Garden

In the heart of Copenhagen you’ll find the King’s Garden, not only one of the most popular parks in Copenhagen, but also the oldest royal garden in Denmark. Dating back to the early 17th century, the garden has been open to the public since 1770. With Rosenborg Castle as a backdrop, the King’s Garden is the perfect place to take a break from the bustling city life. Stroll along the paths and enjoy the colorful flowers, cherry trees, and sculptures.
Bring some food and drinks and soak up some sun as you recharge your batteries for more sightseeing. If you are travelling with kids, there is a fun playground and lots of green areas for them to roam free.

Visit the King’s Garden at Øster Voldgade 4A, 1307 Copenhagen or take Stromma’s Classic Copenhagen route to stop 9 – Rosenborg Castle/SMK.

Cherry Blossoms – A Must-See Spring Highlight

One of the most stunning sights in Copenhagen in spring is the cherry blossoms at Bispebjerg Cemetery. The cemetery is home to more than 200 cherry trees, which create a pink canopy over the graves. The cherry blossoms are a symbol of spring and attract thousands of visitors every year, with good reason, as this is a sight to behold. Have your phone ready for that perfect Instagram shot!

Discover the cherry blossoms at Bispebjerg Cemetery at Frederiksborgvej 125, 2400 Copenhagen NV

You will also find cherry trees at Langelinie Park and if you are in Copenhagen on April 20th and 21st you won’t want to miss the amazing Sakura Festival! The Sakura Festival celebrates the Japanese culture, and you can experience a Tea ceremony, join an Anime drawing workshop, watch Japanese sword fighting, and much more.

Spring Thrills in Tivoli Gardens

Tivoli Gardens is synonymous with Copenhagen and an absolute must-visit! The world-renowned amusement park is filled with rides for all ages, from toddlers to adrenaline junkies. See Copenhagen from above on the Star Flyer ride, journey through the fairy tales of H.C. Andersen in the Flying Trunk or get more than a little scared in Villa Vendetta, also known as the scariest house in Copenhagen.

In springtime, the old garden is a bouquet of beautiful flowers, lush trees, and plenty of green areas to have a picnic and relax. Visit Tivoli from March 22nd at Vesterbrogade 3, 1630 Copenhagen V.

Combine your Tivoli visit with Stromma’s Classic Canal Tour by buying a combi-ticket that includes a 1-hour Classic Canal Tour as well as an entrance ticket to Tivoli.

Dragon Boats_Tivoli.jpg
Photo credit: Tivoli

Panoramic Views from The Round Tower

The Round Tower is a must-see for any visitor to Copenhagen! Built by King Christian IV in 1642 it stands as one of Denmark’s most iconic buildings. Walk the historic Spiral Ramp from the entrance and all the way to the top of the tower. As the tower is about 44 meters high, the Spiral Ramp winds around the tower’s middle 7.5 times before you’ve reached the top! Is it worth the effort? The answer is YES! You’ll be rewarded with an unobstructed, panoramic, and breathtaking view of Copenhagen.

Halfway up you’ll find the Library Hall where you can enjoy different art exhibitions, buy souvenirs, or indulge in a good cup of coffee.

Please be aware that there are no elevators and the path to the top is quite long and steep.

Find The Round Tower at Købmagergade 52A, 1150 Copenhagen K

The Round Tower.jpg
Photo credit: Rundetaarn

The Little Mermaid – A Copenhagen Icon

Since its unveiling in August 1913, the Little Mermaid, inspired by H.C. Andersen's famous fairytale and gifted by Danish brewer Carl Jacobsen, has delighted visitors worldwide. As the statue of The Little Mermaid is based on the darker, original version of the fairytale, her expression is melancholic, and the statue symbolizes longing and unfulfilled love.

Over the years, The Little Mermaid has become an iconic symbol of Denmark and has faced vandalism and attempts of destruction, only serving to increase her popularity and cement her status as a beloved landmark.

Encounter The Little Mermaid by water onboard Stromma’s Classic Canal Tour or see her by land at Langelinie.

A Royal Experience at Amalienborg Palace

Since 1794 Amalienborg Palace has been the home of the royal family, they moved there from Christiansborg Palace after it burned down. Majestic Amalienborg consists of four identical palaces: Christian VII’s Palace, Christian VIII’s Palace, Frederik VIII’s Palace, and Christian IX’s Palace and they are placed around the Palace Square.

Get a glimpse of royal life in the Amalienborg Museum placed in Christian VIII’s Palace, where you can get a look into Christian X’s study and admire spectacular jewelry and a selection of the Danish crown jewels in the Fabergé Chamber. It’s also possible to see the Gala Hall, which the royal family still uses on special occasions.

In the Palace Square you can watch the changing of The Royal Guard every day at noon. They walk from their barracks at Rosenborg Palace, through parts of the city and to Amalienborg Palace to relieve the previous shift. They are often accompanied by a music corps, and it is truly an amazing experience to watch this historic tradition. The Royal Guard was founded in 1658 and therefore has deep historical roots in Danish history.

Find Amalienborg Palace at Christian VIII’s Palace, 1257 Copenhagen K or hop off Stromma’s Classic Copenhagen route at stop 3 – The Marble Church.

Nyhavn – Much more than a Postcard-perfect facade

Nyhavn, with its brightly colored 17th and 18th century townhouses, is without a doubt one of Copenhagen’s most iconic landmarks! However, beyond the postcard-perfect façade, Nyhavn has much more to offer than just a “pretty face”.

The harbor was constructed by King Christian V in the late 17th century as a gateway from the sea to the old inner city. For many years the harbor was a commercial port where ships from all over the world would dock. Back then, the area was well-known for its vibrant atmosphere, pubs, and alehouses filled with sailors. Even though the commercial ships have now been replaced by leisure boats, the spirit of old Nyhavn still lingers, offering a glimpse into Copenhagen’s maritime heritage.

Nyhavn has been home to many prominent Danish artists and writers, including H.C. Andersen, who lived in Nyhavn for several periods of his life. His residences include house numbers 18, 20, and 67.

Learn more about Nyhavn onboard Stromma’s Classic Canal Tour that departs from Nyhavn.
Fun fact: All Stromma’s canal boats are named after characters depicted in H.C. Andersen’s fairy tales.

Innovation and History at The Danish Architecture Center

Danish Architecture Center, better known as DAC, showcases Denmark’s architectural heritage and future through a variety of exhibitions, events, and guided tours. Browse inspirational and educational exhibitions that focus on contemporary and future architecture, urban planning, and the impact of architecture on our quality of life and the environment.

Join a guided tour to learn more about the many architectural marvels, from historic buildings to modern structures, that define the Copenhagen skyline.

In the café you can enjoy delicious treats as you take in the amazing view of the harbor. Stop by the design shop and browse the curated selection of Danish design products, books, and souvenirs.

Visit DAC at Bryghuspladsen 10, 1473 Copenhagen K or hop off at stop 15 – DAC on Stromma’s Classic Copenhagen route.

Danish Architecture Center.jpg
Photo credit: Danish Architecture Center

Home of Carlsberg – Beer Tasting and Exciting Exhibitions

Are you a beer enthusiast? If so, then Home of Carlsberg is a must-visit! Learn the interesting story behind the founder of Carlsberg, J.C. Jacobsen, and his son Carl Jacobsen and how their different ideas about brewing ultimately defined the Carlsberg beer we know today.

Interactive exhibitions encourage you to see, listen, feel, smell, and taste. Take a look at the innovative machinery that J.C. Jacobsen used when he build his state-of-the-art brewery back in 1847. Stop by the Little Mermaid’s sister in the Sculpture Garden and say hello to the massive draught horses in the stable.

As an addition to your visit, you can choose between beer tasting and a guided historical tour – or choose both if you want the full experience.

Visit Home of Carlsberg at Gamle Carlsberg Vej 11, 1799 Copenhagen V

Reffen Street Food – Culinary Delights from Around the World

Located in the industrial charm of Refshaleøen, Reffen Street Food is the largest street food market in Copenhagen and offers a diverse culinary experience. The more than 30 food stalls tempt your taste buds with dishes from all over the world. Indulge in everything from traditional Danish smørrebrød to gourmet burgers and Asian street food.

Gather up your appetite exploring Copenhagen and fill up on quality food at Refshalevej 167A, 1432 Copenhagen K. Reffen Street Food opens on March 22nd.

With an All Lines ticket to Stromma, you can hop off at stop 34 – Street Food on the Colorful Copenhagen route.

From the pink beauty of cherry blossoms at Bispebjerg Cemetery to the thrilling rides of Tivoli Gardens, Copenhagen offers a unique blend of tranquility and excitement. Each place invites you to explore and create memories for life in Denmark's charming capital. We hope you'll find the perfect things to do and discover why spring in Copenhagen is truly magical.

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