Explore Copenhagen in the autumn 2021


Halloween events & tips of things to do

It's back. The season for rain, wind and dark mornings. But also the season where Danes and other Scandinavians excel in hygge, where the leaves change color and we celebrate Halloween with horror and sweets. Read along for our recommendations of things to do, see and eat in the coming months in Copenhagen.

Halloween for the brave

The otherwise cosy and chill "Reffen - Street Food Copenhagen" has been taken over by a brutal cult looking to execute everybody, who don't see the world as they do. The only way to get through is by car - your own or Reffens. On the gruesome 30-minute horror drive thru you will pass by horrific scenes of executions, torture, jump scares and visual effects that will make your heart pound. Experience the Reffen & Horror drive thru "The great reset" from October 8th-31st.

The great reset, reffen.png

Photo: Reffen - Street Food Copenhagen

Halloween for the whole family at Tivoli

On a more family-friendly note, wonderful Tivoli has once again filled their garden with Halloween decorations - spider's webs, ghosts, scarecrows and over 20.000 pumpkins. The smell of different sweets and warm drinks fills the air and screams of excitement from the rollercoasters blend in with the screams from the haunted houses. Explore Halloween in Tivoli from October 14th - November 7th.

The annucal DinnerDays in Copenhagen

39 Copenhagen restaurants participate in the annual DinnerDays restaurant festival where they offer a 3-course menu for the fine price of DKK 215 (+fee). Here is something for every taste - whether you are into a juicy steak or a fine grilled fish. Visit dinnerbooking.com to see all restaurants and their menus. DinnerDays run from October 15th - 24th.


Have a cosy autumn canal tours

The classic canal tour with live or audio guide sails every day all year round. Now, when the weather has changed, the boats are covered and heated and perfect for a cosy and relaxed sightseeing tour around the Copenhagen harbour. Bring your warm drink on board and sit back for a tour to all the must-see attractions of the city with the Grand Tour of Copenhagen.

What is Danish hygge?

You may have heard of the term hygge, but if you're curious on what hygge really is - what it feels like - then you can read our blog about how the Danes hygger during the sometimes grey autumn.


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