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8 Things to Do in Copenhagen in May


What to Do in Copenhagen in May?

May is a great time to visit Copenhagen as it’s less busy than in the summer months, the weather is pleasant, and the days are long. We have collected a list of fun outdoor and indoor activities for you, so you’re covered even if it rains. From an underwater statue inspired by a tragic love story to delicious street food, and indoor minigolf, there are plenty of things to do in Copenhagen in May!

1. Explore Royal History at Rosenborg Castle

Rosenborg Castle, a Renaissance palace built by King Christian IV in the 17th century, now serves as a museum displaying the royal collections, including the crown jewels, the coronation thrones, and royal portraits.

Christian IV was known for being curious and ahead of his time, a trait that was proven true during the castle’s restoration in 2004-2005, when sound channels in the floors were discovered in some rooms. It’s believed these were used to play soft music during social gatherings, cleverly hidden so guests would be surprised and left wondering where the music came from. The sudden appearance of music likely startled some of the guests.

As you wander through the different rooms, don’t forget to look up and admire the ceilings; their beauty and unique design are not to be missed.

Plan a royal visit to Rosenborg Castle at Øster Voldgade 4A, 1350 Copenhagen K. Or conveniently hop off at stop 9 / Rosenborg Castle on Stromma’s Classic Copenhagen route.


2. Extraordinary Talents and Art

This newly opened Art Museum definitely deserves a place on your list of what to do in Copenhagen in May! Explore legendary artist Banksy's street art at the newly opened Maca Museum. Get a glimpse of Banksy's early working methods through an exhibition of old drawings, stencils, photographs, and paintings.

Admire contemporary art created by some of the most extraordinary talents, including Warhol, KAWS, Koons, and Kusama, alongside thought-provoking modern art exhibitions.

Find the Maca Museum at Toldbodgade 12, 1253 Copenhagen K. You can also join Stromma’s Classic Copenhagen route and get off at stop 2 / Nytorv.

3. Dive into History with Agnete & Havmanden

At Gammel Strand, right by Højbro Bridge, you’ll find an incredible underwater sculpture that not many know is there! Created by Suste Bonnén in 1992, this bronze piece tells the heartbreaking story of ‘Agnete & Havmanden’ (Agnete & the Merman).

Agnete fell in love with a merman and lived underwater for eight years, during which they had seven sons. Longing for life on land, Agnete one day asked to go to church and, once on land, never returned to her family. The merman searched for her but never found her again. The sculpture depicts him and their seven sons waiting longingly for her return.

After more than 30 years under water, the sculpture has acquired an eerie, ghostlike appearance, covered in algae and darkened over time, making it even more fitting for the tragic tale it tells.

Find this hidden gem by Højbro Bridge, close to Stromma’s Ticket House at Ved Stranden.

4. Canal Tour – A Must-Do Experience in Copenhagen in May

The city is surrounded by water, from the historic harbor to the charming canals that run through the city, making a canal tour the perfect thing to do in May in Copenhagen! Onboard Stromma’s Classic Canal Tour, you can enjoy a 1-hour guided boat tour that takes you by iconic sights such as the Little Mermaid, Amalienborg Palace, and the Opera House. The tour also takes you through the narrow and charming canals, lined with houseboats and a lively waterfront.

This activity is among the top Copenhagen attractions in spring, offering a unique perspective of the city's vibrant life.

Join Stromma’s Classic Canal Tour from Ved Stranden 26, 1202 Copenhagen K or Nyhavn 3, 1051 Copenhagen K


5. Floating Lighthouse – A Piece of Maritime History

In Frederiksholms Kanal, you can find a unique piece of maritime history as the lightvessel
Fyrskib XI is moored here. This impressive vessel was built in 1878 as the 11th lightvessel out of 25 built in Denmark. Throughout the years, it has undergone changes and restorations to meet demands and regulations, making it one of the few remaining lightvessels.

Originally used as floating lighthouses, these vessels guided sailors through dangerous parts of the sea to ensure their safe return home. However, over the years, they were gradually replaced —first by lighthouses built on land and later by advanced navigation equipment like radios and GPS systems.

Unfortunately, it’s not open to the public, but it’s still quite an experience to see it from the outside.

Check out Fyrskib XI at Frederiksholms Kanal 25 A, 1220 Copenhagen K, right next to Christiansborg Palace. Jump off at stop 1 / Ved Stranden on Stromma’s Classic Copenhagen route.

Fyrskib XI.jpg

6. Where to Eat in Copenhagen? Broens Street Food!

Street food is incredibly popular in Copenhagen, and at Broens Gadekøkken you’re sure to find a wide variety of delicious food from renowned local restaurants and chefs. From juicy burgers and oysters to sweet mochi and crepes, there’s something for everyone. Pair your meal with a tasty drink or great beer from one of the bars.

Eating outside in the mild May weather while looking out on the busy water and feeling the buzzing vibe of Christianshavn is as good as it gets. You not only get to enjoy a delicious meal but can also soak in the vibrant atmosphere that makes Copenhagen so special.

Broens Gadekøkken is a favorite among Copenhageners, so this is also a great place to meet some of the locals and maybe make some new friends.

Visit Broens Gadekøkken at Strandgade 95, 1401 Copenhagen K.
The easiest way to get there is to cross the Inner Harbor Bridge (Inderhavnsbroen) at the end of Nyhavn.

7. Wander the Ramparts of Christianshavns Vold

This historic area, with its well-preserved ramparts and moats, offers a unique blend of history, nature, and stunning views of the city skyline. Christianhavns Vold is a former defensive rampart that surrounds the neighborhood of Christianhavn. It was built in the 17th century and is now a green oasis in the city, where you can walk, bike, or picnic.

Along the rampart, you can visit some of the historical attractions such as the execution area, where criminals were executed until 1882, and the gunpowder magazine, where explosives were stored. If you want to experience a piece of Danish history, a visit here is a great thing to do.

Find Christianshavn Vold at Christianshavns Voldgade 42, 1424 Copenhagen K. Or jump off at stop 32 / Freetown Christiania on Stromma’s Colorful Copenhagen route.


8. On a Rainy May Day in Copenhagen: Play Indoor Minigolf at Boltens Gård

Just in time for spring, the new minigolf course at Camping in Boltens Gård has opened. Challenge your friends or family to a fun round of indoor minigolf! This is the perfect activity if it rains, or if you just need a break from sightseeing. Book online or simply just drop in.

In addition to your minigolf adventure, you can enjoy both New York-style pizzas, delicious drinks, and a great atmosphere! So, what to do in Copenhagen in May? Play minigolf!

Tee off at Camping in Boltens Gård, Gothersgade 8F, 1123 Copenhagen K

As you can see, May in Copenhagen offers countless activities for you to enjoy, both outdoor and indoor. So, no matter what the weather decides, you’re in for a fantastic time. On the map below we've added the above 8 things do in Copenhagen in May. Start planning today – your Copenhagen adventure awaits!

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