Explore the light in the dark in Copenhagen

Explore the light in the dark in Copenhagen

Light up your February

For the second year, Copenhagen Light Festival gives the Danes a helping hand in the dark. Around 40 different light installments are placed throughout the city, mainly along the canals, to demonstrate the effect light has on the dark. And if you are brave enough to leave your cozy, warm house, there is something for the entire family to experience.

In 2018, the light installment along the harbor front called ‘Eternal Sundown’ perfectly demonstrated the variety of colors that a sunset provides. Its ‘sunbeams’ played of the surrounding building as well as in the water, thereby providing the dark and the spectators with eternal light, at least for a couple of hours each day. 

Eternal Sundown   

The light installments can be experience by walking through Copenhagen, but if you want a to know the stories behind the artists’ ideas for their artwork, you can also join a live guided canal tour. Stromma’s heated and covered boats have special permission to sail out in the harbor after dark, to give you the best possible view of the works. The guide will tell you stories about the works as you pass them. It all starts from the pier Ved Stranden where the work ‘Bamboo Break’ takes you on a journey to the rivers and canals of Asia, without you having to fly thousands of miles.

There is something magical about a city after dark, even more so, when you are out on the water. Combine this atmosphere with the beautiful light works and you can imagine the unique experience awaiting you. 

Daily canal tour can be joined from 19.00 from the departure point Ved Stranden. There are multiple tours depending on the day. See here for departures