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All about the flower fields Keukenhof 2022


Bus tours from Amsterdam, funny facts and what to see

Endless rows full of yellow, pink and red colors. The famous flower fields of the Dutch Keukenhof in Lisse are open to the public again. You can visit this colorful flower park until 15 May 2022. That's extra fun and well organized with Stromma! We take our guests there and back by bus from Amsterdam. You can read more about this bus tour arrangement and the latest information on the Keukenhof 2022 in this blog.

Visit the Keukenhof by bus from Amsterdam

You really only have to relax and enjoy yourself on a bus tour to the Keukenhof 2022. Our bus leaves Amsterdam at 08:45 h. and takes you to the flower park in about 45 minutes. On the way you can already feast your eyes! The ride goes through the famous flower fields of Lisse and surroundings. Once at the Keukenhof you can walk through the park with a guide and discover the gardens on your own during your free time. Of course, the bus will also take you back to the city.

Back in Amsterdam, the fun is not over yet. You will receive a voucher for a canal cruise with Stromma through the Amsterdam canals. This is possible, if there is enough room on board, on the same day. Or at another time, when it suits you best. It is a special experience, because you'll pass the most famous places in Amsterdam, which you can admire at your leisure from the canal boat.

Keukenhof 2022 Tulpen

This years theme: Flower Classics

The Keukenhof has a special theme every year. The designs of the gardens and flower shows that edition are inspired by this. But there is also, for example, a gigantic flower mosaic to admire in the theme of the year. For 2022, that theme is Flower Classics. The name says it all: it’s about classic flowers. This year, the Keukenhof pauses to reflect on the fact that flowers have been part of our lives for centuries.

Just think about how flowers have been used as symbols in art and design all these years. For example, roses symbolize love, tulips symbolize spring, the daffodil symbolizes the sun and gladioli symbolize victory. This year at the Keukenhof, these classics among flowers come together with the tulip as the centerpiece. By reverting to a classic and timeless theme, the park is also celebrating being allowed to reopen after a two-year absence.

Keukenhof 2022 Tulpen Tuin

Some Keukenhof fun facts

- Keukenhof welcomes more than 1.4 million visitors each year.
- 75% of these visitors come from abroad.
- The park was designed by the same architects as the Vondelpark in Amsterdam.
- The flower park is 32 hectares in size.
- 7 million bulbs are planted here every year.
- Keukenhof estate consists of 15 national monuments including a castle.
- The first exhibition for visitors was in 1950.

What is there to do and see?

Put on some good (walking) shoes when you visit Keukenhof. There are 15 kilometers of hiking trails that take you past all the flower gardens. On the route you come across all kinds of special and weekly changing flower shows. But you also walk along beautifully landscaped ponds, pavilions with restaurants and terraces, the largest sculpture park in the Netherlands and inspiring atmosphere and design gardens.

Besides good shoes, don't forget your camera or well-charged phone. A visit to the Keukenhof often demands that you take dozens (or perhaps hundreds) of beautiful pictures. On certain dates, in the weekends and vacations, extra events are organized. Think of a Miffy afternoon on April 20 or the flower parade on April 23. An additional tip: check Bloemenradar.nl beforehand to see which flowers are in bloom during your visit.

Keukenhof 2022 vijver

Visiting the Keukenhof with kids

Maybe you want to visit the Keukenhof this year with the whole family? Fortunately, there is plenty for kids to do and experience at the flower park. Because in addition to sniffing at countless flowers, the little ones also like to be able to romp around a bit. They can do that in the Miffy playground, at the petting zoo or in the maze! Extra is a fun treasure hunt for children in which they can learn something about flower bulbs.

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