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Where in Amsterdam are the Stromma shops located?

The Stromma shops can be found at various locations throughout the city. Find them on our locations page.

Why can I only book for the water bikes for groups of 20 people or more in Amsterdam and for groups of 15 people or more in Utrecht?

For all the Stromma products, it is only possible to book for groups of 20 people or more, so this also applies for the Pedal Boat. In Utrecht, there are only 13 water bikes available which is why bookings can be made for groups of 15 people or more.
Read more and book a Pedal Boat for groups

Can I board with a wheelchair?

Unfortunately, our boats are not accessible for wheelchairs. It is always necessary to climb three steps in order to board and many of the jetties are only accessible by stairs. However, if it is possible to fold the wheelchair and you are able to manage some steps, you can board. For safety reasons, the aisle must be kept free of objects.

Up to what time can I use the water bike?

This depends on the season and on the weather on the day itself. Unfortunately, we cannot give exact opening times, but they will be at least from 10 am to 5.30 pm. On the day itself, you can contact us on +31 20 217 0500 to ask about the actual opening times.
Pedal Boats Amsterdam
Pedal Boats Utrecht

How many people fit in one pedal boat?

Our pedal boats are suitable for 4 people. The two people sitting at the front pedal, but not the two people at the back. Of course, you could swap places on the way.

What is the minimum age for children to be allowed to use water bikes on their own? Are there life jackets available?

If children have a swimming diploma and they can reach the pedals, they are allowed to use a water bike on their own. We have an average of two life jackets available for each location.

How long does the Amsterdam Canal Cruise last?

The Amsterdam Canal Cruise lasts a litle over 1 hour and departs from and ends at Stromma in front of Centraal Station.

What time does the Amsterdam Canal Cruise depart? Do I have to book in advance?

During the winter season, this cruise departs every 30 minutes between 11 am and 6 pm.

During the summer season, this cruise departs every 15 minutes between 9 am and 6 pm, and every 30 minutes between 6 pm and 10 pm.

You only need to book for groups of 20 people or more.

Can I board immediately with my voucher or do I have to exchange this first?

You can take the printed voucher to one of our shops, where you can exchange the e-ticket or voucher and then you can board.

How can I redeem my GO City Card with a canal cruise?

This pass does not allow you to reserve tickets on our website. With the pass in your pocket, you can go to our shops at any of our locations where the pass will be scanned and you can take a canal cruise.

Is there a heat procedure?

Yes there is. On days around 30 degrees or during a national heat wave, we take precautions for the safety and well-being of our guests. Please note that the sailing schedule may vary. Check the website or in the shop. In addition, we do not allow children under 4 and elderly people with poor health to sail with us. 

Tips for guests when heat procedure is in effect:

Airy clothing, cover head

Use sunscreen

Drink plenty of water

Bring plenty of water

Seek out the shade

Plan your tour in the morning or afternoon/evening if possible

What is the difference between the day ticket and the 24 hour ticket from Hop On Hop Off Boat? (Currently not operating)

If you buy a Hop On Hop Off Boat day ticket, you can use this ticket for one day. The ticket is only valid on the day of purchase. The 24 hour ticket from Hop On Hop Off Boat is valid from the first occasion that the ticket is used up to the same time the following day.

What is the minimum number of people for a group package?

For our cruises, the minimum number of people is 20. Our luxury saloon boats and sloops are also suitable for smaller groups. Stromma Group & charter

Can the captain give some information about Amsterdam during the cruise?

If you have a group package, you can hire a guide for € 250. Our specially trained guides will tell you really fascinating stories about the places of interest in the city. On board the Amsterdam Canal Cruise and Hop On Hop Off Boat, via the central audio system, you will hear which places of interest you are sailing past. The skipper will navigate the boat professionally and ensure a safe trip.

What is included in the packages?

The hire of the boat, the skipper and the catering are included in the price of all our packages. The price also includes collecting and returning passengers within the canal belt.

Furthermore, with our dinner or drinks packages, we serve unlimited beer, wine or soft drinks on board, and these drinks are also included in the price.

What is the maximum number of people on one boat?

On average, we assume 50 people per party boat, but we also have boats with a capacity for 80 people. The capacity per boat depends on the package on board.

Am I allowed to take a dog on board?

In principle, dogs are not allowed on board.

Can the roof of the boat be opened?

On all the Hop On Hop Off Boat boats and boats with a green design, the roof or part of the roof can be opened during good weather. This is not possible on the boats who sail the Amsterdam Canal Cruise.

Is there heating on board?

Yes, our boats have heating so the temperature on board is also pleasant during the winter.

Can I also hire a water bike during the winter?

In Amsterdam, you can hire a water bike all year round. In Utrecht, you can hire water bikes from April to October.

Are bachelor parties allowed on board?

Due our experiences in the past, management has decided not to allow any bachelor parties on board.

How do I enter my discount code?

Step 1: Go to the product you want to book. 
Step 2: Press "book" and then "I have a promotion code". Enter your discount code now.
Step 3: Choose the date, number of persons and press "next". 
Step 4: Choose the time of departure and press "book".
Step 5: Your basket is showing now. Press "continue". 
Step 6: Enter your details and press "confirm & pay".


Payments are processed via iDEAL, Bancontact or by credit card. You will not receive confirmation of your definitive booking until your payment has been approved.

Amsterdam Light Festival FAQ

Amsterdam Light Festival FAQ

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