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Romantic activities in Amsterdam


Romance during your weekend in Amsterdam

Celebrating love together on a romantic or fun date in Amsterdam, but not sure how? We've got you! All the reason to plan a fun activity in the city. And since we love romance, we've rounded up five dating tips for you. Success guaranteed and there is something for everyone. 

Take a Canal Cruise and see Amsterdam from the water

Picture it: you're slowly sailing together through the history of Amsterdam. The water of the canals will take you by the most beautiful historical sights. And without the hustle and bustle of people on the street, you'll enjoy every bridge and canal house. An extra romantic part of an Amsterdan Canal cruise is sailing under the iconic ‘Magere Brug’ or Skinny Bridge. The story goes that if you sail under this bridge with your loved one and kiss each other, you will stay together forever.

Look for romance on a date at the museum

Going to the museum together in Amsterdam may already be very romantic. But did you know you can actually go there for ‘romance’? In art we mean! Romanticism' is the name of a 19th-century movement in literature, music and the visual arts. Artists at the time painted subjects with emotional and dramatic overtones. At the Rijksmuseum, for example, you can go in search together of romantic paintings by Wijnand Nuijnen or Cornelis Springer.

Of course, romantic works are also on display in other well-known Amsterdam museums. If you're looking for something a little more original, why not visit a special museum together? Is your partner in crime crazy about cats? On Herengracht you'll find the Cat Cabinet, a museum about, yes, cats. Are shiny diamonds and jewels more your thing? Behind the Rijksmuseum lies the Diamond Museum. Just to mention two more museum tips.


Yes I do, want to marry for one day!

Have you always wanted to get married, but you just haven't got around to it (yet)? In Amsterdam you can get married for one day! You could call it a ‘fake wedding’, but with real wedding dresses and suits, wedding photos, vows, rings and a cake. With ‘Trouwen op 1 dag’ you choose a basic wedding package of 45 minutes. That includes changing clothes, saying yes and taking pictures.

You might think: that's too much hassle for a date, right? No way! The team there will take care of everything for you. All you have to do is book in advance. Wedding dresses and suits are hanging there in sizes EU 34-56 , but there are also top hats, veils, rings and you can choose your own music. Want to get married for one day, but with witnesses? Just invite your friends or family for this hilarious and also romantic date.

Look for animals and stars together in Artis Amsterdam

For many, nothing is more romantic than looking at animals hand in hand at the zoo. Or arm in arm, of course. Take your date to Artis Amsterdam for Valentine's Day. Warm each other up in the tropical indoor animal enclosures. Or go on a winter expedition through the zoo and treat each other afterwards to a cup of mulled wine or hot chocolate.

Do you know what zodiac you both are? Is there love in the stars? You will find out on a journey through the universe. In addition to the animal enclosures, visit the Artis Planetarium and discover the stars and our own planet from a distance. Travel together past the moon, planets and even leave our own Milky Way for a while. Pretty romantic and you learn something too!


Romance on a loveseat in the cinema

Perhaps it is the most romantic chair of chairs: the loveseat. A wide armchair or sofa of 1.5 meters wide. You can't do anything but snuggle up together in it. Ideal for watching a movie together! Unfortunately, most cinemas have those hard seats with fixed railings as a partition. But there are two cinemas in Amsterdam that are just right for lovebirds: Pathé Tuschinski and FC Hyena.

Catching a movie is already special in a cinema like Tuschinski. New are halls 2 and 3, where you can enjoy a movie on luxurious velour loveseats with their own tables. Want to treat your date to something other than a coke and popcorn? Visit the new Bar Abraham where they serve delicious cocktails. You'll be just as comfortable in the auditorium of the FC Hyena cinema in Amsterdam Noord. Here you can also enjoy a romantic dinner in the restaurant before or after a movie.


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