This is the location of the I Amsterdam letters

This is the location of the I Amsterdam letters

Since the I Amsterdam sign has been removed from Museumplein, the city has lost a characteristic photo spot. But there's no need to be bummed out! The set of letters is going to be situated at multiple locations throughout the city in the few upcoming years. And did you know the I Amsterdam landmarks can be found at more sites? We've listed them for you!

Schiphol Airport

Make sure you travel in style, because you can take your selfie at Schiphol Airport. Upload it straight to the 'gram so you can show everyone you arrived in our beautiful country.

Amsterdam South-East

During the summer of 2019 one set of the I Amsterdam letters can be found in Amsterdam South-East. The sign is installed at metro station Kraaiennest until the 1st of July. Then it will be moved to another part of this neighborhood. We will keep you posted about the current location!


In the West of Amsterdam, just outside the ring, you'll find the Sloterplas: a lake surrounded by a chill leisure area. You can find lots of sports activities on the banks of the Sloterplas. That's probably why the I Amsterdam sign is altered into a parkour track and some of the letters lie flat on the ground. This makes it quite difficult to take the perfect snapshot, but hey, you can work on your physique and that's definitely worth something, right?

Amsterdam RAI convention center

One of the traveling IAmterdam signs is located at the RAI convention center due to a big event with the Internation Broadcast Convention. This lasts until the end of September. Later on, they move to another spot. 

Traveling set of letters

The sign that's removed from Museumplein is going to travel the city. The plan is to position the landmark near festivals and other events - to make your Amsterdam experience even more memorable.

The I Amsterdam letters are being repared and are to be expected to make a reappearance in the upcoming summer!

Keep this page in mind when you're looking for the most recent information about the whereabouts of the I Amsterdam selfie spot.

Alternatives for the I Amsterdam sign

Our city is so much more than just I Amsterdam, of course. That's why we drew up a great list of alternative photo locations for that perfect snapshot our beautiful capital.

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