Valentines cruise at Stromma

Valentines cruise at Stromma

In the weekend of February 14th to February 17th we are arranging a Valentines special on our dining cruises. Whether it’s your lover, a dear friend, your family or a secret crush, make your loved one feel special in a culinary way. Because everybody knows: the way to someone’s heart is through the stomach.

Valentine dinner Amsterdam

We’ve added a loving touch to all of our dining cruises during the Valentines weekend. You can enjoy a special Valentines cocktail on our cocktail cruise, for instance. Besides this, we’re sailing a different route on all our tours and we’ll make sure you take home something nice to remember the night by.

Valentine’s day Amsterdam

We celebrate the 14th of February on a Thursday this year, so it's easy to plan a weekend trip to Amsterdam. Start off your day by visiting a museum, plan something active in the afternoon (take a look at our list of dating ideas in Amsterdam) and conclude your weekend or day in Amsterdam on one of our cruises through the amazing canals of Amsterdam.

The beauty of it all? Amsterdam is your love décor! Amsterdam's beautiful canals, bridges with enchanting lights and scenic streets will make your hearts beat faster. Of course our hosts and captain will do everything in their power to make you feel very comfortable.

So, if you want to treat your favorite person on a night out in Amsterdam while sailing through the beautiful canals of Amsterdam ánd you’d like to enjoy a delicious meal or drink while doing so: book your dining cruise during the Valentine weekend in Amsterdam.