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7 New Year’s resolutions that actually work


Tips for feelgood resolutions and strategies on how to achieve them

New Year can be a great way to give your life a new direction – the time has come to start over and to do all the stuff you’ve always been meaning to. But it’s easy to let the pressure become to strong and what should be a fun project turns into dour obligations. That’s why we’ve collected the best feelgood resolution for 2020 and strategies on how to actually make them work. On top of that, these resolutions will make a positive impact on you and the world around you!

Here are the strategies to help you stick to your plans

Come up with a clear New Year’s resolution
Sticking to a vague resolution is hard, no matter what it is. So try and find a way to measure and keep track of your plans, be it by day, month, or year.

Set up goal posts
Set up goal posts and milestones that you can stick to throughout the year. This way, you keep track of your progress and it’s easier to keep your energy and motivation up long-term. And don’t forget to treat yourself every once in a while!

Get friends involved
Get your friends and family involved in your resolutions – that way, you build a support system for times when it all seems a bit tough. Even better if you can work towards a shared goal together!

Learn to deal with setbacks
Even the best among us have to deal with setbacks every once in a while. But don’t let yourself be discouraged by them – focus on how far you’ve come and learn from your mistakes!

Suggestions for 7 New Year’s resolutions

1. Do something nice every day
Do something nice for the people around you every day – hold a door open, offer your seat on the bus to someone who might need it more, or, perhaps the easiest of all, smile at some. A smile is contagious and even makes you feel better!

Example of a resolution and goal: I’ll smile at X amount of people I usually see in my day-to-day life.

2. Make a donation
Make the world a little brighter with a donation to welfare or an environmental program – there’s plenty to choose from, so go for something that’s near and dear to you. And keep in mind: every contribution counts and none is too small! And as luck would have it, research has even shown that donating has a positive effect on how you feel about yourself!

Example of a resolution and goal: I’ll find a project that I like and donate X amount of SEK to it per month.

SPECIAL TIP: The environmental protection and conservation organization WWF runs various important and impactful environmental program. If you want to support one of their biggest ones in Sweden, dedicated to saving the beautiful Baltic Sea, home to the Stockholm archipelago, you can become a wildlife sponsor by making a donation. Read all about the project (in Swedish) here:

3. Sort your garbage and recycle
If you aren’t already recycling, now is high time to get started! Easy into it by starting with plastic and glass, and then build on that. If you already are an avid recycler, think about refining your approach – some packaging combines paper and plastic, for example, and can be taken apart. And don’t forget that much of what we might think of as garbage may still have value for someone else – so donate your used shoes, clothes, and dishes to the Red Cross or a similar organization.

Example of a resolution and goal: I’ll always bring a bag to go grocery shopping with me and I’ll recycle X amount of categories.

4. Spend time with friends
Make sure to find time to spend with friends and family – invite them over for a cozy lunch or dinner or go out to a nice restaurant. There’s nothing that’s as uplifting and energizing as spending quality time with your loved ones.

Example of a resolution and goal: I’ll invite my friends over X amount of times per month.

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5. Enjoy cultural activities
There’s plenty of research into the role that culture plays for our wellbeing, and the results are clear: We feel better when we look at art, listen to music, and learn about different cultures and times. So, make sure to find some space in your calendar for a trip to the movies, a concert, or a visit to the theater, a museum, or a gallery.

Example of a resolution and goal: I’ll visit X amount of cultural activities per month.

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6. Train more efficiently
One of the most popular New Year’s resolution concerns working out. But we often set goals that are too lofty to actually achieve. Instead, set your sights on realistic goals and increase the frequency and intensity over the course of the year. Start with easy goals like increasing your everyday activities by getting off the bus a stop early and walking the rest, taking the stairs instead of the escalator, or walking to the grocery store. Once you’ve gotten into the habit, go for more specific goals – depending on whether you’d like to improve your strength, conditioning, or flexibility. And keep in mind to set small goals that you can achieve along the way!

Example of resolutions and goals: I’ll take X amount of steps every day. I’ll work out to the point of an elevated pulse and sweat X amounts per week. I’ll run a mile in X minutes.

7. Eat healthier
Another popular New Year’s resolution is changing your diet and going down in weight. This might mean huge changes to the way you eat that can easily feel overwhelming and can also end up being plain unhealthy. So, instead of changing your habits from top to bottom, think about what the most unhealthy things you eat on a regular basis and replace them with healthier options (but make sure to treat yourself to something tasty – going from candy to berries is easier than going from candy to carrots). And as the year progresses, progressively substitute more and more unhealthy snacks.

Example of resolutions and goals: I’ll stop eating chips/chocolate/candy. I’ll eat at least one kind of vegetables per meal. I’ll stop eating meat at least X times a weak.

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