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Things to do during the autumn holidays in Gothenburg 2021


Tips on activities for children & youths

During the autumn holidays, Gothenburg is filled with scary, spooky but cosy and fun activities for children and youths. Don’t know what to do yet? We have listed our best tips on things to do during the holidays in Gothenburg - there is something for everyone. Everything from hair-raising visits to Liseberg, loony science at the Universeum, thrilling visits to the Gothenburg Art Museum, quiz walks and writing rooms for ghost stories and a film festival filled to the brim with spooky events - what suits you? At the end of the post, you will find a map with all our tips on autumn holiday activities in Gothenburg.

Halloween at Liseberg

The storm has settled on Liseberg, and the amusement park has come to life - but do you really dare to pay a visit? The entire Liseberg is filled with hair-raising horror, rides, and lots of mischief. In the “Rabbit Land”, there are pumpkins, slime, and candy mysteries in every corner. On the other side of the park, the dark side, a terrifying atmosphere has taken over and creatures from the shadow side follow every step you take. Do you dare to face your worst nightmares? During Halloween, there are several horror houses and horror attractions open in addition to the park's regular range.

Tip - To guarantee your spot at Liseberg, you buy your ticket in advance.

Universeum - an unusual Halloween

Slime labs, bat workshops, the physics arena and competing with vampires are activities that you can join during the autumn holidays at Universeum. Halloween at Universum is something out of the ordinary, filled with spiders, slime, black holes, and crazy science - perfect for everyone, regardless of age! Feel free to dress up in your scariest costume, and if you get the chance, you can try to scare Universium's spooky guides who wander around the building (or join one of their guided tours).

Good to know - Pre-order your ticket to secure your spot at Universum during the autumn holidays.

Gothenburg Art Museum - autumn holiday activities

Do you like ghost stories? What do you know about shadows? During the autumn holidays, you can visit the Gothenburg Art Museum and find out what happens on in the museum after closing when all the lights are off - exciting! See an exhibition in the light of flashlights only or learn how to create art with the help of shadows.

Tip - The activities at the Gothenburg Art Museum require pre-registration as there is a limited number of spots.

Flashlight display - 1-2 November
Do you dare to walk around a quiet and extinguished museum and with the light from a flashlight as the only source of light? Do you like ghost stories? During the exhibition, everything spooky that has happened at the museum over the years is told. See shadows along the walls and listen to stories that are guaranteed to give you goosebumps.

Create with shadows - November 3-6
Can you create art with shadows? The autumn holiday workshop "Create with shadows" gives you the chance to explore the shadows on the museum's walls and floors and then make art from them together with the other workshop participants.

Autumn holiday at the City Library Götaplatsen

At the city library on Götaplatsen, the theme during the holiday is “Creepy and spooky”. Of course, there are a lot of spooky books to borrow for those who want to snuggle up on the couch to read. But you can also take the chance to learn how to write your own ghost stories or go for a thrilling quiz walk.

Thrilling quiz walk - 1-5 November
What do you know about ghosts and horror? Take the thrilling quiz walk inside the library’s children's department and test your skills of scary books and other spooky things. The quiz walk is perfect for children that are 6 to 12 years old.

Learn to Write Ghost Stories - November 1st
The author Lena Ollmark has written many creepy children's books and during the holidays you’ll get the opportunity to learn how to write your own ghost stories with her. Lena offers valuable writing tips and writing exercises. There will also be reading aloud sessions of ghost stories – do you dare to listen?

Good to know - The workshop with Lena Ollmark has a limited number of spots, please register in advance!

Gothenburg Film Festival PRISMA

October 27 to November 1, the popular film festival “PRISMA” for children and youths takes place in Gothenburg. The program includes 48 movies from 17 different countries, and you’ll get the chance to participate in several exciting workshops and discussions. Make sure you don’t miss out on the spectacular Alfons Åberg party, pyjama show with breakfast kit, Harry Potter marathon at Hagabion, pop-up cinema in Nordstan, film premieres and much more.

Map with tips on autumn holiday activities in Gothenburg

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