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Take the best Instagram pictures in Gothenburg 


Locations and mobile photography tips

Discover Gothenburg and make sure you take some pictures to keep the memories (and your Instagram feed) alive. With the technology of today’s mobile phones and various apps you certainly don’t need to be a professional photographer to capture some amazing pictures. We have listed the top 5 photography locations in Gothenburg where you are guaranteed to get some great snaps of buildings, scenery, cityscapes and well-known views. We have also shared our best mobile photography tips. 

1. Harbour Lilla Bommen – Classic archipelago ships, ”The Lipstic” and the Gothenburg opera

At harbour Lilla Bommen you can find “The Lipstick” – a red and white building that stands 86 meter tall and has become one of Gothenburg’s most famous landmarks and viewpoints. You can either take your snap from the ground looking up or take the lift to the top and take a photo from there. From Lilla Bommen you also have views over the opera house that was designed by architect Jan Izikowitz and said to be inspired by the winding landscapes and the wings of a seagull. Along the quay you can find Strömma Kanalbolaget’s fleet of classic archipelago ships. M/S S:t Erik, which was built in 1881 and one of their oldest ships, beautiful M/S Göteborg and modern ship M/S Carl Michael Bellman are three of the boats you should really try to capture.

2. Palmhuset at the Garden Society of Gothenburg

Make a visit to the Garden Society of Gothenburg (Trädgårdsföreningen) and take a picture of one of the most photographed buildings in Gothenburg, Palmhuset. This greenhouse is like a glistening piece of art made out of glass and iron, which comes across wonderfully in a picture – especially on a sunny day. The building was originally inspired by the Crystal Palace in London. Just make sure to check opening hours for Palmhuset and the Garden Society as they may vary during the pandemic. 

3. The Red Rock with the Älvsborg bridge in the background

The mythical ”Red Rock” is a pear-shaped block of granite that has been painted red. There are many theories surrounding the rock’s origin, amongst other things the red colour is said to be blood from a Dane killed during a landing at shore. Another theory is that a ship was saved during a storm by attaching itself to the rock and a third is that it was used as a navigational tool for seafarers. This is a popular landmark and makes for a cool photo with the turquoise Älvsborg bridge in the background. The Älvsborg bridge is one of Gothenburg’s most beloved landmarks. 

4. Skansen Kronan and views over the city

Take the stairs up to the fortress of Skansen Kronan where you can get the best pictures of the old fortification and views of the city. On either side of the mountain you can see the popular neighbourhoods Haga and Linné. Skansen Kronan was designed by the architect Erik Dahlbergh and built in the 1600’s. 

5. Selfie with Poseidon at Götaplatsen

At Götaplatsen in central Gothenburg you can find the sea god Poseidon. If you take a step up the stairs you can take a selfie with Poseidon with famous boulevard Avenyn in the background – guaranteed to get you lots of likes on Instagram! The bronze statue Poseidon is a well-known landmark created by artist Carl Milles.

How to take good pictured with your mobile phone

It’s not always easy getting the right balance between focus, light and balance in your pictures. The secret of taking a good picture is a lot of practice – but there are some tips and tricks that will help you on the way. Here are our top mobile photography tips! 

  • Turn off your flash (use only if absolutely necessary)  
  • Choose the right setting for your picture (portrait, panoramic etc)  
  • Set focus by touching the part of picture on the screen that you want to focus on  
  • Take multiple pictures so you have many to choose from when editing  
  • Try to not use the zoom, it can cause the image to become grainy  
  • Make sure the camera lens is clean  
  • Use the HDR-setting – it combines multiple exposures to create the best image  
  • Try holding your camera as still as possible   
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