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Fish and seafood in Gothenburg – top 6


Guide to restaurants and fish store on the West Coast

The Swedish West Coast is famous for its fish and seafood, so whilst you are here you should definitely make the most of it and enjoy an archipelago cruise with delicious fish, visit one of Gothenburg’s many fantastic seafood restaurants and purchase catch of the day from a specialist store. At the bottom of this page you can find a map of where to find the tips in our guide.

Popular – Shrimp & Salmon Cruise

Onboard classic archipelago ship M/S S:t Erik you can enjoy a luxurious buffet with the very best fish and seafood the West Coast has to offer. Enjoy the food as you cruise through the archipelago and enjoy the views as you pass well known islands, such as Styrsö, Donsö and Brännö. If you are looking for a special treat you can also pre-order langoustines and lobster to be served directly to your table. A must when visiting Gothenburg!

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Restaurant Sjömagasinet

Located just by the water in the harbour you can find well known restaurant Sjömagasinet, famous for having one of the best outdoor areas in Gothenburg. They specialise in the best produce from the sea such as lobster, herring, king crab, langoustine, shrimp and oysters but also serve meat and vegetarian dishes.

Shrimp cruise in the archipelago

Bring your friends or family along for a fantastic cruise through the archipelago with as much shrimp as you can eat onboard classic ship M/S Göteborg. The shrimp are environmentally friendly and are served directly to your table along with classic accompaniments such as aioli, bread and butter. If you finish, more will be brought in! You can also pre-order langoustine, but make sure to book this at least three days prior to departure.

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Fiskekrogen by Lilla torget

Fiskekrogen is considered to be one of the best seafood restaurants in Gothenburg and the perfect destination if you are looking for classic, yet innovative, dishes with the best the sea has to offer. This year the restaurant celebrates it’s 25th anniversary, and they have created a special menu for the occasion. On the menu you can find everything you could possibly wish for – from sea food plateaus to classic evening menus, seafood buffet and à la carte menu. If you are looking to stop by for a drink and a light bite, try Fêskens Bar.


Seafood cruise around Hisingen

Go boating, eat seafood, and cruise around Hisingen - can you imagine a better combo? The evening starts in the best way possible with a glass of sparkling. Then sit down and enjoy a well-filled seafood plateau with dill-cooked Norway lobsters, shrimp, crab claws, and wine-cooked mussels from Mollösund. If you want to luxuriate a little extra, you can order lobster in advance and round off the evening with a tasty dessert.

Fish shop - Fiskskaldjur in Torslanda

In Torslanda you can find one of Gothenburg’s best fish and seafood shops where you can always get the best catch of the day. They offer great service and knowledge, mixed with a good dose of humour. They have a great variety of fish and seafood, but you ca also purchase sauces, ready-made dishes and shrimp sandwiches. The store is located in the Willy's building in Amhult.

Map of restaurants & shop – fish and seafood in Gothenburg

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