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Lucia in Gothenburg – guide with map


Tips on Lucia parades and Christmas concerts

“Night walks with a heavy step, Round yard and hearth” – one of the year's cosiest traditions according to many is soon upon us. Lucia parades with glistering candles, Lucia and her entourage, traditional gowns, and the occasional gingerbread costumes is synonymous with this atmospheric tradition. Choose if you want to enjoy this spectacle from the TV couch from home or if you want to go out in the city and celebrate Saint Lucy’s day, or Lucia as simply call it in Sweden. In our guide you will find the best tips on where to celebrate Lucia - both on the actual day, 13 December, and during the Lucia weekend. At the end of this post, you’ll find a map with our tips!

The Lucia of Gothenburg in Nordstan

Enjoy fine-tuned singing from Gothenburg's official Lucia parade in Nordstan. All the beautiful Christmas and Lucia songs are performed by students from year 3 of Hvitfeldtska High School's music program and this year they are raising money for BRIS (the Swedish association for Children’s Rights in Society) 50-year anniversary and Musikhjälpen.

Sugary Sweet Lucia in Gothenburg Concert Hall

Do you want to experience a Christmas concert beyond the ordinary? Then you should book tickets for the Lucia confectionery, Sugary Sweet Lucia, in Gothenburg's Art House. Here you will be enoying a beautiful and atmospheric Lucia celebration with music, dance and song performed by Västra Götaland's Youth Symphony Orchestra, the Swedish Ballet School and Brunnsbo Music Class' boys' and girls' choir. A Christmas adventure and musical journey with Lucia parades, beloved Christmas songs and Christmas gifts that you don’t want to miss out on!

Keep in mind - Sugary Sweet Lucia is a popular event, so pre-order your ticket to guarantee your spot.

Lucia parade in the Haga Church

On the actual Saint Lucy’s Day, 13 December, you can enjoy a fantastic Lucia parade with both classic Lucia and Christmas carols performed by the Haga Church’s youth and junior choir. Carin Åkesson and Kristina Nelson are choir leaders together with the String Quartet Qvartiett - a glistering concert in the beautiful Haga Church.

Keep in mind - Pre-order your ticket for the Lucia parade in the Haga Church to guarantee your spot.

Live broadcasted Lucia morning from Tällberg

Cuddle up in the sofa and turn on the TV to enjoy the Lucia morning broadcast from Tällberg by Siljan's beach in Dalarna. Every Lucia morning since 1956, the Swedish TV channel SVT has broadcasted the famous Lucia parade. Beautiful and atmospheric singing, performed by students of the Music Conservatory in Falun and a children's choir from Kulturskolan, is on the agenda for the audience. Of course, you can watch the broadcast afterwards on SVT-play.

Map with Lucia tips in Gothenburg

Traditional Christmas buffet on board M/S S:t Erik
Traditional Christmas buffet on board M/S S:t Erik

Celebrate Lucia & go on a Christmas dining cruise

Make the Lucia weekend celebration a little extra atmospheric and reserve a spot on a Christmas dining cruise in the Gothenburg archipelago. Stromma Christmas ships depart from Lilla Bommen, which is within perfect walking distance of the city centre - choose between lunch, brunch, or dinner. On board you are served classic Christmas buffets with both traditional and modern dishes - flavours for everyone!

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