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Seafood restaurant in Gothenburg with a twist


This shrimp and salmon cruise is a floating seafood restaurant that takes you on a trip out into Gothenburg’s southern archipelago aboard the historical ship M/S S:t Erik. In addition to the food, entertainment is provided by a live solo musician.

“The restaurant on the M/S S:t Erik serves the best the Swedish sea has to offer. We prepare a delicious fish and shrimp buffet with, for instance, salmon prepared four different ways, five different homemade kinds of herring, and fresh as well as smoked shrimp. To perfectly complement these seafood choices, we also prepare quiches, salads, and various sauces. And the best: basically, all our guests can enjoy their food at a table with a fantastic view over the water,” says Björn Tagesson.

What makes this seafood restaurant so special?

“In addition to the delicious seafood buffet, you also experience the most beautiful parts of Gothenburg’s southern archipelago on the M/S S:t Erik, the most beautiful ship on the entire West coast. She’s a historical ship built in the turn of the century style with classic interieur, high ceilings, and beautiful salons,” Björn tells us.

Over the course of the cruise, the S:t Erik passes several well-known islands such as Styrsö, Donsö, and Brännö. In addition to the buffet, even a welcome drink and live musical entertainment is included.

“We also cruise past such sights as Långedrag, the fortress Nya Älvsborg, and of course the so-called “snob channel,” a term coined around the beginning of the 1900s, when Gothenburg’s rich merchants and traders spent their days sailing back and forth in their luxurious yachts in the channel between Köpstadsö and Styrsö to see and be seen.”

Where do you actually get your seafood from?

“We get our seafood from the Gothenburg fish market located only a few kilometers away from Lilla Bommen, our ship’s home harbor. Our buyers Martin and Dan from Fiskeboa go there before dawn to make sure that we only get the freshest and best seafood,” Björn explains.

Stromma also undertook a big sustainability push over the fall, resulting in all on-board restaurant receiving the KRAV certificate, a Swedish label testifying to the highest ecological standards, for at least 15 select ingredients used in the restaurants.

You just received the KRAV label. Could you tell us a bit about how you actually use KRAV-labelled ingredients and products?

“Our philosophy has long been in line with the KRAV ideals anyway, so it’s extra satisfying to now have received the official label. We have selected 15 ingredients with that label that we serve and prepare on a regular basis and also only use eco-friendly cleaning soap on board. Of course, even the salmon and shrimp we serve our guests is eco-friendly. We’re also working on cutting down the transportation days in our delivery chain to further cut down on our impact on the climate.”

What does a normal day look like for you?

 “For the most part, I spend my days shuttling back and forth between our various boats to support our coach our crews; this includes everything from making sure that our ingredients and products fulfil the highest quality standards to lending a helping hand in the kitchen. In addition to that, I also maintain close contact with our vendors and suppliers,” Björn says.

Björn has been working in the food industry for almost 27 years now. Back then, it all started with a side job at the widely beloved pub and restaurant Spisen in the small town of Växjö while completing his vocational training in the food sector. Afterwards, Björn worked as chef across the whole country and in serval of Gothenburg’s premier restaurants, including a stint as Food & Beverage Manager at the 5-star Elite Plaza hotel. Today, Björn is in charge of the restaurant aboard the M/S S:t Erik, a position that he stills feels extremely passionate about and is very proud of, as he tells us

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