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Top 5 things to do in Gothenburg in July


Staycation tips for the whole family in the city and the archipelago

Gothenburg is filled with amazing experiences – especially is you like boats! Discover the city canals with local favourite Paddan boat sightseeing, take a day trip to summer paradise Marstrand or the island of Vinga or take a guided cruise around Hisingen, Sweden’s fifth largest island. A perfect staycation activity for both tourist and locals of all ages. For children and youngsters there are special menus and discounts available.

Paddan – fun boat sightseeing for the whole family

A tour with the popular Paddan sightseeing boats is a must during summer in Gothenburg. The guide will tell you fun and interesting facts about the city and things you see on the way.  The tour carries through the canals and the fascinating harbour with traditional shipyards, the fishing harbour, new and old housing, expanding commercial and academic sites and maritime museum.

Tour of Hisingen

Did you know that the island of Hisingen is the 5th largest in Sweden and the second most inhibited? On this guided evening cruise with M/S Carl Michael Bellman you will learn more about the island and its surroundings. The cruise departs several evenings a week and during the four-hour long cruise you will pass through the river Göta Älv, Hisingen and the northern parts of the archipelago. Onboard you can find a bar and a sundeck, perfect for soaking up the evening sun. For a complete evening experience, you can also book a table in the ships restaurant. Select your favourite dishes from the á la carte menu and enjoy the views through the panoramic windows.

Guided boat excursion to Vinga

Enjoy a guided boat excursion which takes you through Gothenburg’s beautiful archipelago to the lighthouse island of Vinga. During the journey there, the ship’s guide will tell you all about the archipelago and things you see on the way. The stop on the island is two hours long, which gives you plenty of time to explore Vinga. Here you can take a stroll and enjoy the views – the waves crashing against the barren cliffs is a mighty sight! The light house, built in 1889, will be closed this summer due to Corona, but the island of Vinga is still well worth a visit! 
You can also book lunch with your boat trip and enjoy a classic Swedish shrimp sandwich on the way to Vinga.

TIP! Book the tour with lunch - you can enjoy a classic shrimp sandwich on the way to Vinga.

Archipelago Tour with guide

If you only have a limited amount of time but still want to see the best of the beautiful Gothenburg archipelago, this 2,5 guided lunch cruise onboard classic archipelago ship M/S S:t Erik is perfect for you. The ship was built in 1881 and the interiors have been carefully restored to keep it’s historic atmosphere intact.  
The tour departs from Lilla Bommen harbour and takes you through the southern archipelago. The guide will tell you about the islands you pass along the way. Make sure you have lunch in the beautiful dining room onboard! The food is prepared and cooked on board using local and seasonal produce. On the drinks list you can find organic wines and Stromma’s own organic lager.

All-day cruise to Marstrand

The ship M/S Göteborg departs from Lilla Bommen in Gothenburg all the way to the summer paradise of Marstrand. On the way there the boat docks at the idyllic island of Källö-Knippla, where we enjoy a 30 minute guided walk. Once we reach Sweden’s sailing capital of Marstrand, the boat docks for one hour and those of you who want to can come along on our guided walk around the archipelago city. If you prefer to explore the town on your own there are plenty of boutiques, cafés and restaurants. Onboard the ship a delightful pastries buffet is served during the journey to Marstrand, with cakes, pastries and coffee/tea. On the way back to Gothenburg we serve a West Coast buffet, with seafood delicacies and classic trimmings.  

BONUS TIP! The mighty Carlsten Fortress, built during the second half of the 17th century, is one of the main attractions in Marstrand. For over 300 years the fortress protected the small coastal town and now you can join guided tours and hear all about it’s exciting history and the prisoners it used to house.

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