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Guide to the top four virtual museums in Gothenburg


Exhibitions and guides to enjoy at home

Do you miss visiting your favourite museum? Many museums are still closed due to the current pandemic, but have created virtual options if you still want to experience online exhibitions, guides and watch photos and films at home. One of the benefits of visiting a virtual museum is that you can do it whenever you want! We have listed our top four virtual museums in Gothenburg that offer digital activities for grown ups and children.

1. Digital museum at Göteborg’s stadsmuseum

Göteborgs stadsmuseum (Gothenburg town museum) is an open meeting space dedicated to tell the stories of the city and it’s people. They have now created a “digiseum” – an online page where you can find all their online resources. Look in to the museum’s rich digital database containing (amongst other things) films about Gothenburg and the city’s history. There are also virtual exhibitions available.

2. Gothenburg Natural History Museum online

The Natural History Museum is the oldest museum in Gothenburg. Here you can find a permanent exhibition that shows a wide range of animals from around the world and includes almost 10 million species – rom amoebas to the great elephants. You can visit the museum online and brows through their digital material filled with articles, radio clips and films and it’s constantly evolving and adding more interesting material.

3. Virtual exhibitions at Gothenburg Art Museum

Did you know that the Gothenburg Art Museum is one of Northern Europe’s top museums in the field of visual art. Their collection is made up of mostly Western art, with a strong focus on Scandinavia, ranging from the 1400’s until today. The exhibition of Scandinavian art from the 1900’s is considered especially unique. As they are currently closed you can find much of their material online, like digital exhibitions and news via social media. Exhibitions that you can currently explore online are “Much more than Pippi Longstocking”, showcasing the art of Ingrid Vang Nymans as well as “Art nouveau” with work from  Larsson to Zappa and “148 Works” by Trine Søndergaard.

4. Universeum online

Universeum is Sweden’s national science center, sporting both science and discoveries from all over the world.  Here you can find fun things for both children and adults including exploring the great seas, space and the Amazonas to chemistry labs and workshops. In their online space you can listen to audio guides and research material in the library. For example, there are plenty of laboratory experiments that you can do at home. If you are a holder of the annual Science Pass you can also get access to additional unique content.  

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