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Your summer bucket list for a staycation in Gothenburg


Our top holiday tips in the city and the archipelago

Your summer bucket list contains wonderful must-dos, such as ice cream eating, boat excursions, a rainforest visit and shellfish dinners. We act as your guide to Gothenburg’s wide range of summer activities. Tick off all our suggestions and get fond memories to look back on as autumn begins!

Enjoy fish and shellfish in the archipelago

Is there any better place to enjoy fish and shellfish than out at sea? Hop aboard a beautiful archipelago boat to enjoy the sea’s delicacies and the magnificent archipelago scenery. The M/S Göteborg offers a shellfish cruise and the M/S S:t Erik offers a shrimp & salmon cruise. Whichever you choose, we promise you a magical evening as the sun slowly sets!

Take a trip on one of our classic Paddan boats

No summer is complete without a trip on a classic Paddan – a firm favourite with locals and visitors alike. On this classic boat sightseeing tour along Gothenburg’s canals and sea front, you learn about the sights we pass and life in Gothenburg – all told tongue in cheek with the typical Gothenburg sense of humour. Prebook for a guaranteed place!

Picnic in popular Slottsskogen

Slottsskogen is where the locals go for relaxation, recreation and outdoor activities – the perfect place for a picnic, in other words. For families with children, we highly recommend a visit to the Plikta adventure playground – a paradise for children of all ages. Don’t miss the Petting Zoo and Park Zoo with free admission. There’s a very popular outdoor gym nearby (which is also free) if you want a workout before or after your picnic. One tip for your picnic basket is fresh shrimp from Feskekôrka; read more about this below!

Buy shrimps in Feskekôrka

Feskekôrka is one of Gothenburg’s most famous buildings and attractions. Lovers of fish and shellfish can buy all sorts of freshly caught delicacies from the sea here. The building is well worth a visit, even if you’re not looking to buy fish. Architect Victor von Gegerfelt designed the building, which was completed in 1874. Inspiration for the building came from Norwegian wooden stave churches and Gothic stone churches, with the idea of creating a large room without pillars.

Enjoy a delicious gelato in Gothenburg

Cool down with a tasty ice cream! Italian gelato is the hottest ice cream trend! Genuine gelato is made of milk, while ordinary ice cream is made of cream and egg yolks. This makes gelato creamier and smoother than other kinds of ice cream, since it contains less air; the flavour is often richer as well, as gelato is served at a warmer temperature and contains a greater proportion of natural raw ingredients. Here are some ice cream bars with really tasty gelato: 

  • Gelaterian Göteborg
  • Brain Freeze/Råda Gelato
  • Gelateria Positano

Visit Universeum and its rainforest

We may not be able to travel as far this year, but don’t despair – you can still experience a tropical adventure. At Universeum, the Nordic region’s largest science centre, you can visit a 1,800 cubic-metre large tropical rainforest with sloths, monkeys, frogs, butterflies, free-flying exotic birds and a 25-metre-high kapok tree with suspension bridges. A warm and wet experience!

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