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Amsterdam Light Festival photos 2019-2020


This year's theme is Disrupt! Check out the beautiful art pieces of the 2019-2020 Light Festival. We've made a compilation of a few of the most breathtaking works of art. Of course you can see them when you book one of our Amsterdam Light Festival Cruises.

Picture perfect

Lightning in the dark, it has always been a grateful subject. Take a look at all these beauties underneath and be inspired to snap the best shots of the installations. Share yours with #strommanl and @strommaNL for a chance to be featured on our Facebook or Instagram.

All the light you see - Alicia Eggert

Amsterdam Light Festival - all the light you see.png


Atlantis - Utskottet

Amsterdam Light Festival - atlantis.png


Big Bang - UxU Studio

Amsterdam Light Festival - Big Bang.png


Butterfly Effect - Masamichi Shimada

Amsterdam Light Festival - Butterfly Effect.png


Hiding in the wolfs lair - Republic of Amsterdam Radio & Nomad Tinker House

Amsterdam Light Festival - Hiding in the wolfs lair.png


ICEBREAKER - Wilhelmusvlug

Amsterdam Light Festival - Icebreaker.png


Neighborhood - Sergey Kim

Amsterdam Light Festival - Neighborhood.png


Surface Tension - Tom Biddulph & Barbara Ryan

Amsterdam Light Festival - Surface tension.png


The Cracks - Karolina Howorko

Amsterdam Light Festival - The Cracks.png

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