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Amsterdam Light Festival route


The route of Amsterdam Light Festival is a little different from previous years. The festival used to take you through the heart of the city center, but this year it also brings you to the eastside of town. Check out the new directions and other practical info in this blogpost.

Amsterdam Light Festival lasts for 53 days, from November 28th until the 19th of January in 2020. In this period you’re able to glance at the lit light sculptures between 5PM to 11PM. Of course, New Years Eve is an exception with a ‘closing time’ at 8PM to make place for fireworks to light up the city.

For the best festival experience, book a special cruise.

Amsterdam Light Festival map

As you can see in the map below, Amsterdam Light Festival 2019 is situated at Oosterdok, Oudeschans, the Amstel river, Nieuwe Keizersgracht, Plantage Muidergracht and Entrepotdok.

Festival cruise

Although most of the sculptures are easy to behold while walking the route, they’re best to be viewed from the water. This perspective offers you the chance to experience the play between light and water and be mesmerized by enchanting reflections with the beautiful cityscapes of Amsterdam as an added bonus.

Adopted artwork

When you're at the festival, check out our artwork! As the proud founding partner of Amsterdam Light Festival we adopted ICEBREAKER from artist Wilhelmusvlug during this year's edition of the festival. This 80 meters long piece of art mimics the breaking and cracking ice and creates a visual spectacle - due to the waves of our boats. You imagine yourself on a true ice-breaker, while sitting comfortably warm in our canal cruise.

Amsterdam Light Festival route - Icebreaker.png

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