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Things to do in Amsterdam in June 2021


We shouldn't celebrate yet, but it looks like things are moving in the right direction. Slowly but surely, Amsterdam is awakening from a hard-won mandatory hibernation that lasted many times longer than a single winter. More and more cultural venues are opening their doors in the city, and more and more activities are filling up the calendar for the month of June 2021. There is light at the end of the tunnel. In other words, you are probably looking for things to do in the city? Read our tips on things to do in the city in June here.

Activities in Amsterdam

June is instinctively the very first 'vacation month' and at the same time the month in which the sun normally shines more and more often? An ideal time to go out again with the family, with your partner or with friends. Visit the botanical gardens, get inspired in a museum or take a boat trip on the water.

Vist Hortus Botanicus

The Hortus Botanicus is located in the Plantage district in Amsterdam East. A partially covered spectacle of botanical gardens with thousands of plants and a history of over 375 years. What began in 1638 in the Reguliershof with a garden of medicinal plants has literally and figuratively grown into a boundless variety of the plant kingdom.

Besides the beautiful gardens, it is also a place that offers space for research and education with which it tries to find answers to all the questions you can think of concerning plants. Because of the corona measures, the greenhouses on the 1.2 hectare site are still closed, but the outdoor gardens are open again for visitors.
Address: Plantage Middenlaan 2a

Enjoy the Vondelpark and Westerpark

We come from a period in which we may have seen the park more often than we like. After all, they were the public places that city dwellers could still visit during the lockdown. This is no reason to skip the parks in June, on the contrary, make sure they are on your list. There is probably no better month, we know it’s open for debate, than this first month of summer when everything is in bloom. These are the most beautiful green spots in the city where you often literally walk under a green roof of trees, plants and shrubs.

Moreover, it is getting warmer, and on warmer days you want nothing more than to be outside. Either for a walk, a picnic or a bike ride. The parks are a perfect place for that, with their lawns where you can meet many a city dweller in the summer, or one who passes by while doing sports. Visit the Vondelpark or the cultural Westerpark in Amsterdam West for a cup of coffee, a beer or glass of wine or simply as a place to enjoy the sun.

Artis zoo ingang Amsterdam

Artis Zoo – a fun activity for the whole family

A little further than the Hortus Botanicus lies the oldest zoo in the Netherlands: Artis. In the heart of Amsterdam, you can watch wild and exotic animals. A meeting place where the visitor learns a lot about nature and all its inhabitants, ideal for a visit with younger children. Learn about the invisible life in Micropia, the only museum of microbes in the world, be amazed at the underwater life in the ARTIS Aquarium or wander through the park in search of the larger animals of this globe.

Artis is reopening its doors after a five-month shutdown and they are eager to welcome you back. The importance of the zoo was once again made clear during the corona pandemic, when the support campaign 'Don't forget ARTIS' raised over 1 million euros. View and visit the website for a time slot.

Address: Plantage Kerklaan 38-40

Open Boat Hendrick de Keyser - Amsterdam

Canal tour or pedal boat trip through Amsterdam

There is no better way to discover Amsterdam than from the water. Whether you're a first-time visitor or you've lived here all your life, the view from a boat on the canals never gets boring. Do it on a pedal boat where you decide which canal to explore while burning calories too. Hop on at iconic spots in the city such as the Rijksmuseum, Leidseplein or in front of the Anne Frank House.

If you don't want to work so hard yourself, from June onwards you can hop on an Open Boat with a skipper who is also your guide. A skipper who shares anecdotes about the nicest and most special places in the city. Keep an eye on the website for the latest updates on opening times.

Museums in Amsterdam

June has a nice first - it's the month when the museums reopen. With reservations, but from the beginning of June onwards, you can once again be inspired by the city's numerous museums at scheduled times. Amsterdam is famous for it. Even one of its most famous squares is named after it: the Museumplein. Only at this square can you entertain yourself for days on end with one museum visit after another. It is an ideal place for rapture, wonder, inspiration and much more.

Take the famous Rijksmuseum, where you can already take a virtual tour, but in June you can once again admire the famous works of the Dutch Grandmasters. Grandmasters such as Rembrandt van Rijn, Frans Hals, Johannes Vermeer and others. The Rijksmuseum opens in the beginning of June 2021. Check the website of the Rijksmuseum for more info.

The 9 streets

Right in the middle of Amsterdam's ring of canals are the 'Nine Streets'. No longer known only to its residents, many a visitor to the city can be found here when shopping is on the agenda. A neighbourhood between the Singel and the Prinsengracht, nine charming streets filled with authentic clothes shops, studios, art galleries and restaurants. Score that one special pair of jeans in a vintage shop, make a well-deserved stop at the many excellent restaurants or let yourself be overwhelmed by the picturesquely beautiful surroundings.

Map of places to visit

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