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Summer in Amsterdam - Top 7 things to do


Summer is an ideal time to visit beautiful Amsterdam. That only leaves the question: what are you going to do? We have listed a number of things you can undertake in the capital of the Netherland.

Top reasons to visit Amsterdam in June, July & August

There are a lot of reason to visit Amsterdam in summer, however, we made it easy for you and give you the top things you can't miss when planning you city trip to this beautiful part of the Netherlands. At the end of this article we give you also some practical 'nice to know tips' when choosing these activities.

1. Enjoy a canal tour or a pedal boat trip through Amsterdam

There is no better way to discover Amsterdam than from the water. Whether you're a first-time visitor or you've lived here all your life, the view from a boat on the canals never gets boring. Do it on a pedal boat where you decide which canal to explore while burning calories too. Hop on at iconic spots in the city such as the Rijksmuseum, Leidseplein or in front of the Anne Frank House.

19_Pedal-Boat-couple-are-enjoying-their-time together-in-Amsterdam (4).jpg

If you don't want to work so hard yourself, from June onwards you can hop on an Open Boat with a skipper who is also your guide. A skipper who shares anecdotes about the nicest and most special places in the city. Keep an eye on the website for the latest updates on opening times.

2. Visit famous museums at Museumplein

Amsterdam is famous for it. Even one of its most famous squares is named after it: Museumplein. Only at this square can you entertain yourself for days on end with one museum visit after another. It is an ideal place for rapture, wonder, inspiration and much more. 

Take the famous Rijksmuseum, where you get to admire the famous works of the Dutch grandmasters. Grandmasters such as Rembrandt van Rijn, Frans Hals, Johannes Vermeer and others. Read more about the top museums in Amsterdam.

3. Stroll through the neighbourhood Jordaan

Walking in the Jordaan is like a journey through Amsterdam's history, where every building tells a story. The Jordaan is largely located in the Northern canal belt and is easily accessible from Central Station.

Jordaan Amsterdam (1).jpg

The charming streets invite you to stroll while the centuries-old courtyards provide the necessary peace and quiet in the middle of this lively neighborhood. A city walk through the Jordaan takes you past such important sights as the Noordermarkt, the Westerkerk and Anne Frank house, among others. The Anne Frank House is the perfect place to end the walk, where you can choose to find a terrace, take a canal cruise or challenge yourself some more by renting a canal bike near Anne Frank House.

4. Find hidden gems on a cycling tour

A thing you must do in summer in Amsterdam is a bike tour or rent a bike. The center of Amsterdam is not that big and Central Station is the center point since the canals run in a U. This means you can always get back to Central Station quite easily which makes renting a bike a great option because getting lost is difficult.

Cycling in Amsterdam.JPG

If you are less experienced as a cyclist choose to book a bike tour. Around our locations near Central Station you will find many options for cycling tours, such as Fatbike. The experienced guide can help you navigate Amsterdam's busy bike traffic in addition to telling you stories and secrets about the city. He will guide you to famous landmarks as well as hidden gems. Looking for a quiet place to cycle? Then rent a Pedal boat at one of four locations in the city center, such as next to the Rijksmuseum or at the famous buzzing Leidseplein.

5. Swimming in Amsterdam during your visit in summer

If you’re looking for things to do in August you most likely will need refreshment by dipping your toes (and the rest of your body) in a pool of cool water: we got you! You’ve got two options to swim in Amsterdam: either go to an outdoor swimming pool or check out public swim spots.

Marineterrein Amsterdam.JPG

We’ve got two favorites when it comes to outdoor swimming: Marineterrein, close to Central Station and next to Maritime Museum, which is a former Navy shipping yard. Nowadays there is not much left from the shipping yard but with a mooring a great spot to dip into the water on a warm day. Flevoparkbad has a pool  50 meters long, so you can actually make waves and swim like the Olympic star you are. The Flevoparkbad even has been rewarded with the title of The Best Outside Pool of Amsterdam (twice!).

6. Waterlooplein and the oldest Flea Market in the Netherlands

Waterlooplein is known for being the oldest flea market in the Netherlands, which consists of a mix of second-hand items such as vintage clothes, bicycles and second-hand books. As you stroll through the market, you are surrounded by the energy of the city and the smell of freshly prepared food from all over the world. The square, located in the former Jewish neighborhood should be on your things to-do list in Amsterdam in June or July since there will be fewe tourists so you can enjoy the local atmosphere.

7. Enjoy the sun in Vondelpark and Westerpark

There is no reason to skip the parks in Amsterdam, on the contrary, make sure they are on your list. Especially when you visit Amsterdam in June. There is probably no better month, we know it’s open for debate, but in June everything is in full bloom. These are the most beautiful green spots in the city where you often literally walk under a green roof of trees, plants and shrubs, like Vondelpark.


Moreover, it is getting warmer, and on warmer days you want nothing more than to be outside. Either for a walk, a picnic or a bike ride. The parks are a perfect place for that, with their lawns where you can find many locals in summer relaxing, or they pas by while doing sports. Visit the Vondelpark or the cultural Westerpark in Amsterdam West for a cup of coffee, a beer, glass of wine or simply as a place to enjoy the sun.

Tips For Visiting Amsterdam In Summer (nice to know)

  • Hire a guide while visiting museums to get the best experience
  • Carry light clothes, sunglasses, sunscreen, hats as the weather would be hot
  • Book tickets for museums beforehand to avoid long queues
  • Don’t forget to carry your camera along to capture memories

Map of the places to visit in summer

What kind of activities do you like to do in Amsterdam during summer? Check them out in our map. Click on the map to open and navigate the things to do in Amsterdam in your next summe.

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