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20 Ultimate Things to do in Amsterdam


Wondering about things to do in Amsterdam? We got you covered. From museums to markets and from parks to breweries; these are your go-to places. We cover some all time favorites as well as hidden gems. This is our list of 20 ultimate things to do in Amsterdam.

1. Rijksmuseum

Amsterdam is home to some of the best museums in the world and the Rijksmuseum definitely belongs on that list. Discover an extensive collection of drawings, paintings, sculptures, artillery, ship models and even fashion. The museum houses a number of masterpieces, including the Nightwatch, Rembrandt's most famous work of art.

2. Public Library

Got an afternoon to spare? Browse the biggest library in Europe: the Public Library near Central Station. Besides books for all ages, you find a huge colection of music here. At the top floor is a café / restaurant from where you have an amazing view of the city.

3. Anne Frank House

Probably the most thought-provoking museum in Amsterdam, the Anne Frank House makes you reflect on the horrific fate of Jewish people during the Second World War. Discover how the Frank family lived in hiding and see where Anne wrote her world-famous diary.
Tip: Tickets are available via the Anne Frank webshop 2 months in advance and online bookings are the only way to skip the long line.

4. Pizza Cruise

Sightseeing in nice, pizza is good but the combination of both is fantastic! On the Pizza Cruise you get the best of both worlds; a 75 minute cruise plus pizza delivered to you on board. All drinks and Ben & Jerry's ice cream are included as well. What's not to love?|

5. Albert Cuyp Market

This is Amsterdam's most famous street market and the best place to sample some local fare. Try a freshly made Dutch stroopwafel (syrup waffle) or the classic bitterballen (deepfried meatballs). If you consider yourself an adventurous eater go ahead and order Hollandse Nieuwe (raw herring) at the fish stand.

6. A'dam LOOKOUT

For a spectacular view of Amsterdam, A'dam LOOKOUT is the place to be. From the top floor of the A'dam tower you can see lots of Amsterdam landmarks. But the very best thing about this rooftop is that it boasts the highest swing in Europe named Over The Edge. The experience entails exactly what it promises, you can swing over the edge of the tower, 100 meters above the ground. All thrillseekers and daredevils are invited.

7. Get on a bike

With more bikes than people, Amsterdam is definitely the biking capital of the world. Although it's simply a mode of transportation for most locals, biking around town is also perfect for sightseeing. So get yourself a bike, blend in and explore Amsterdam on your own terms. Be aware of the other traffic! Alternatively, opt for a 4-seater Pedal Boat to bike along the city's many waterways.

8. Westerpark

This park is located just outside the hustle and bustle of Amsterdam's city center. A great place to chill in the sun with a group of friends. In and around the park are lots of cool bars, restaurants and a movie theatre Music events and local goods markets are organized at the Westerpark on a regular basis as well.

9. Ten Kate Market

This street market is located in Oud West, the city's most popular neighbourhood right outside the city center. The Ten Kate Market is great for fresh fruit and vegetables as well as gourmet sandwiches. You'll also find a lot of nice bars in restaurants on and close to the market.

10. Foodhallen

When you're at the Ten Kate Market, be sure to stop at the Foodhallen. This old tram station has been converted into a hip and happening food court where both locals and visitors enjoy street from all parts of the world. Whether you're in the mood for Spanish tapas, Korean streetfood or Japanese sushi, this place will steal your hunger.  Also great for Gin & Tonics!

11. Heineken Experience

Learn all about the most famous beer in the world at Heineken Experience. Take a self-guided tour to find out how the typical Heineken beer gets its flavor. You'll also discover how this family-run local business soon became a world-class brand that is poured all over the globe.

12. Open Boat Tour

Amsterdam is best seen from the water, and even more so from an Open Boat. These tiny ships take you off the beaten path as they are able to sail on the smaller canals. The captain doubles as your tour guide and will tell you lots of interesting stories and personal anecdotes about the city Your perfect introduction to Amsterdam.

13. Van Gogh Museum

This popular exhibition in the refurbished Van Gogh Museum has been open for some time. It’s an ideal way to spend your day, even if the weather gods are not with you. You will get a close insight into Van Gogh’s creative process, as shown in his letters, sketches and paintings.

14. Vondelpark

Right in the heart of the city you find the Vondelpark, dubbed the Central Park of Amsterdam. An all time favorite spot for locals and tourists to hang out with friends, get some excercise or enjoy a cup of coffee in one of the many park cafés. There's also a rose garden and you can even spot an original Picasso statue here. In the summertime the Vondelpark doubles as a free concert and performance venue.

15. Grachtenhuis

Het Grachtenhuis teaches you everything you've ever wanted to know about the Amsterdam canals. Inside this beautiful 17th century canal house you can witness the construction of the canal system- a great example of succesful city planning- and find out what it was like to live along the canals through the centuries.

16. Dappermarkt

For many Amsterdam locals, going to a street market in their neighbourhood is part of their Saturday morning routine. Dappermarkt in the east of the city is considered the best low budget market of the city. Here you'll find everything from fruit and vegetables to clothing and make-up.

17. Brouwerij 't IJ

Brouwerij 't IJ is Amsterdam's most loved local beer brewery. Choose your favorite draft or take a smaller sample of multiple beers to discover your taste. Nice bonus: the brewery attached to one of Amsterdam's final remaining wind mills. So enjoy your beer in this ultimate Dutch setting!

18. Red Light District

To some Amsterdam will always be a city of sin, with the famous Red Light District at its core. Others believe the capital of Holland is a place of tolerance and freedom. Why not come and see for yourself? Take a stroll along one of the oldest parts of town and discover how legal prostitution and marihuana are found right next to the Old Church and the university of Amsterdam.

19. Flower Market

The Amsterdam Flower Market is the only floating flower market in the entire world. Located right in the heart of the city and open very day, the market makes for the perfect afternoon stroll.You'll find flowers and bulbs in hundreds of colors. Looking for the perfect souvenir? The bulbs can be shipped all over the world!

20. Rembrandtpark

Although this park is a bit further outside the city center, it is well worth a visit. Rembrandtpark is a natural oasis with playgrounds and ponds. It's also significantly less crowded than the parks in the center of Amsterdam. Traveling with kids? The oldest petting Zoo in Amsterdam is located inside the Rembrandtpark.

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