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COVID-19 update September 24,2021

As of September 25, the 1.5 meter rule will be removed. The "1.5m society" is being brought to an end which means that we may again use full capacity on our Amsterdam Canal Cruise, Open Boats and Pedal Boats. For these tours our guests will not have to be checked for a Corona Access Certificate.

However, our catered cruises will be treated the same as hospitality. Therefore at Pizza Cruise and other catered cruises a Corona Entrance ticket is mandatory and will be checked scanning the corona app or checking proof of vull vaccination. In this regard we follow the guidelines of the RIVM.

COVID-19 safety measures

We have taken strict security measures to ensure everyone's safety. You and your party are safe on our canal cruises, open boats and pedal boats in Amsterdam and Pedal Boats in Utrecht - so you can carefree enjoy yourself at Stromma.

For example, we clean our boats thoroughly and we ensure there’s enough time and space during boarding and disembarkation. 

Frequently Asked Questions:

To help you with any questions as quickly as possible, we have listed the most common ones. Check if your question is there. Didn’t find an answer? Please contact us via info@stromma.nl so we can help you.


Purchasing tickets

You reserve a timeslot for a canal cruise, open boat, pedal boats in Amsterdam and pedal boats in Utrecht online or at one of our shops. Read below what you have to take into account when booking your tickets. 


Why do I have to book my ticket for a specific time slot?

You buy your ticket in advance and for a specific time so that you are assured of a place on board and you do not have to queue. This way we keep the moorings and shops as empty as possible and we can guarantee your safety. Make sure you are at your boarding location at the specified time, so that the boarding process can be carried out as efficiently as possible. 


Do I also need to purchase a ticket for young children?

Yes. Children between 0 and 3 years old cruise for free. Still, when you book, we want you to make a reservation for them. This is completely free of charge, of course. This way we know exactly how many people we have on board and we ensure a safe day out. 


Can I use my Club van Elf-pass and Amsterdam Pass?

No. Unfortunately it is not possible to use the Club of Eleven Pass. The Amsterdam Pass isn't valid as well. As soon as this is possible again, you will be notified! 


At the location

For your and our safety, we adhere to the guidelines of the RIVM. You can read what this means for our moorings and on board our boats in our safety measures. Of course you will also be instructed on location by Stromma crew.

The following applies to all our locations: in case of fever, respiratory complaints such as coughing, colds, sneezing or shortness of breath, stay at home. This also applies if someone from your household has these complaints.

Below are some frequently asked questions regarding our moorings and boats.


Have cash registers been opened?

Yes. You can get a drink and a small snack for your tour.


Can you pay with cash in the shops?

No. In our shops you can only pay with PIN. 


Are the toilets open?

No. The rest rooms on board and in our shops are closed. 


What are the routes on the moorings?

At the entry and exit points its clearly indicated in which direction you have to walk. Follow this marked walking route and follow directions from Stromma staff.The entry and exit points are separated from each other. This way we make it easy for everyone to stick to the route. 


What are the routes on the boats?

When getting on and off the boats, we work with the first in, last out principle. You get in, walk all the way to the back and sit down. When getting off, the people in the front of the boat get off first, then the people behind it, etc. 


Do I have to wear a mouth or face mask?

No that's not necessary. With this we follow the guideline of the RIVM.


Can I disinfect myself at Stromma?

Yes. You can use the disinfection columns at all our departure locations so you can clean your hands. 


How often are the boats being disinfected?

The boats are disinfected after each trip. 


Are dogs welcome on board?

No. Dogs are not allowed on our boats. 


Are the boats wheelchair accessible?

No. Unfortunately, the boats are not wheelchair accessible at the moment. If you are able to bridge a number of steps without a wheelchair, you can of course just come with us.

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