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New Year's resolutions 2022 – Sustainable tourism


Future visions & sustainability goals

"Nobody can do everything, but everyone can do something". It may sound cliché, but it is also the approach to how we can together succeed in creating a more sustainable world. A new year is upon us, and what could be a better start to the new year than having sustainability goals as New Year's resolutions. We at Stromma share five of our future visions and New Year's resolutions towards creating a more sustainable tourism. What are your New Year's resolutions?

Social sustainability

Our first resolution is to continue our work towards diversity of people, both as guests and as employees. We believe in a rich cultural environment where everyone is treated equally! In leading positions, we strive to have an equal proportion of women and men. Our work environment and safety will, as always, be a priority.

Here you can read more about our work towards social sustainability.

Reduced use of plastic

Our second resolution is to continue to raise awareness of plastic consumption, and to reduce the use of plastic within our organization. Reducing your plastic consumption is a goal that you too easily can work towards and think about in your everyday life. Our world oceans are suffering, and plastic pollution is an alarming part of the issue. Thanks to the fact that our restaurants in Stromma avoids the use of plastic straws and work to minimize the use of disposable items made of plastic, we have come a long way, but the work will continue.

Here you can read more about our work to reduce the use of plastic.

KRAV certified restaurants

Our third resolution is to keep our KRAV certification, which we have proudly been awarded since 2019. All our restaurants, on board all boats, but also at Birka and Vaxholm’s Castell, meet the requirements for a KRAV certification. KRAV-certified food the most sustainable food, it is organically produced, without unnatural chemical pesticides and without artificial fertilizers.

Examples of measures Stromma ensures as a KRAV-certified restaurant

  • We always follow WWF’s fish guide, no red-listed species
  • We make sure all foods are GMO-free
  • We meet and exceed KRAV-requirements for share of certified foods
  • We provide our staff with KRAV-training
  • We only use eco-labelled detergents

Here you can read more about our work with KRAV certification.

Reduce emissions & use of fossil fuels

Our fourth resolution is that we want to continue our work in reducing emissions and fossil fuels. We need to contribute to an increased use of renewable fuels and more energy-efficient ways of operating boats and buses. We will continue to train our captains and bus drivers to become even better in driving environmentally friendly and we are reviewing timetables to optimize all our tours. Stromma also has a quite aggressive action plan towards electrifying our boats and buses. We are very proud to have already come a long way in both the Netherlands and Denmark, where the majority of our buses and boats are already powered by electricity.

Here you can read about our work to reduce emissions and fossil fuels.

Save the Baltic Sea

Our fifth resolution is to continue our partnership with WWF towards saving the Baltic Sea. The partnership means that we at Stromma are committed to reducing the environmental impact to which the Baltic Sea is exposed. We do this by following industry-leading environmental goals such as certified food, energy sources, reducing carbon dioxide emissions and recycling.

Here you can read about our work together with WWF to save the Baltic Sea.

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