Stromma's ambition is to make sustainability a part of everything we do and be present in all our business activities. We want to take lead in our industry and make sustainability a priority. We love the archipelago and the Baltic Sea - therefore we work together with WWF to improve the health of the Baltic Sea and all the species living there. We also work towards reducing our use of resources and purchase and use raw materials with the best possible environmental performance whenever possible. We will continuously measure and strive to improve our performance.

Our sustainability commitments:

  • Stromma works together with WWF to help save the Baltic Sea and the critically endangered porpoise
  • We strive as much as possible to only buy environmentally friendly and locally produced groceries
  • We follow WWF:s fish guide and never use fish that are on the "Red list". All our shrimps are MSC-certified
  • Stromma buys VattenEl from Vattenfall AB. This means that all our facilities are driven by hydroelectric power
  • Strommas restaurant ships are members in the Sustainable Restaurants Network which aims to create a more sustainable restaurant industry


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